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How to Build Robust Collaboration and Communication with PLM

In manufacturing, there is no “I” in “team.” Every process for every project at every stage of your product’s life cycle requires your employees to share information and work together. Investing in efficient collaboration and communication will decrease stress on your team while improving ROI.

With a few minor tweaks and proper product lifecycle management (PLM) tools, you can reduce setbacks and optimize your production.

What is Product Lifecycle Management?

Product lifecycle management includes supervising a product’s inception, design, production, sale, re-development, and potential retirement. Using PLM solutions helps to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce errors, and streamline production.

The Benefits of Proper Collaboration and Communication

Effective collaboration and communication are vital for your organization’s success. Proper communication makes your team feel more confident in their work while reducing errors, costs, and roadblocks in production.

Prioritizing communication and collaboration across your business creates opportunities for potential benefits, including:

Even with a few minor changes to your communication structure, you can completely shift the outcome of your production. Workers will feel empowered, and your business will reap the benefits.


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!

Common Issues From a Lack of Communication

Manufacturers who suffer from a lack of communication often run into a series of ever-increasing frustrations. Employees who work in isolated silos are more likely to experience or cause some of the following issues:
By using the right PLM software, these issues become easily solvable. Transparent, unified information allows workers to produce products using the latest specifications, communicate effectively, and reduce avoidable costs.

Key Methods for Strengthening Collaboration and Communication

Building your team’s collaboration and communication abilities can be as simple as making small changes. With the right PLM solution, your team can enact these changes all at once. These methods will make your workers’ lives easier and impact your operation’s workflow, efficiency, and bottom line.

The key to clear communication is to promote transparency across your business, which builds trust and ensures the correct information reaches every team member. This transparency should begin at the top of your organization to keep every employee on the same page.

Keeping employees informed on company wins and losses can help them understand a project’s context and feel comfortable doing the same — preventing potential errors.

Single Source of Truth

If your team relies on multiple sources of information, they could be working off outdated information or be left waiting on another department. This slows down your production and increases chances of errors, creating unwanted frustration for both you and your customers.

PLM software offers the opportunity to consolidate information into a single source that is universally available to all employees and updates in real-time. This resource ensures your team isn’t slowed down by bottlenecks and can produce products with confidence.

Having too much information is far better for your employees than not having enough. Over-communicating provides employees with information they may not even know is useful to their everyday work. The littlest detail could help your team solve an unforeseeable roadblock, provide justification for a customer to purchase your product, or cut back on costs that would otherwise be unknown.
Utilizing Technology
In modern manufacturing, solutions are available to streamline any aspect of your business. Using the right PLM software can enhance your team’s communication process and provide your organization with effective collaborative tools. These tools can build up your team across your product’s life cycle, increasing its return on investment.

Improve Your Collaboration with the Right Solutions

When you need to build your collaboration and communication, start with solutions designed for your business. PRO.FILE a Revalize brand is a PLM solution designed to give your team the tools they need to boost communication and collaboration. With a single source of information, real-time collaboration, and document management, your team can work together more effectively than ever.

Schedule a PRO.FILE demo to see how this solution can bulletproof your team’s collaboration and communication skills. By investing in industry-leading solutions, your employees can thrive and bring the savings back to you.

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