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How to Invest in Sustainability with CPQ

Modern consumers seek out businesses that not only create high-quality products but do so sustainably. Investing in sustainable products and companies is the future of consumer buying behavior. Even for technically complex products, such as machines or systems, customers are increasingly choosing products that contribute to climate protection.

Making small changes to your workflows offers an opportunity to create value among your customer base. One of the changes is investing in configure, price, quote (CPQ) software. CPQ offers sustainability, which provides lower costs, faster time-to-market, and fewer errors that produce unwanted industrial waste — meaning more profit for your bottom line.

Why invest in sustainability?

Sustainable manufacturing is the next wave of business. Manufacturers are discovering the benefits of sustainability and have begun to invest in practices that increase their company’s value while decreasing their environmental impact.
Some benefits of investing in sustainable manufacturing include:
You can achieve these advantages by investing in small changes that put your business ahead of competitors who refuse to adapt.

How CPQ boosts sustainability

Many manufacturers have already invested in CPQ software due to its benefits in streamlining and simplifying their quoting process. But what many don’t realize is that CPQ solutions offer several auxiliary environmental benefits as well. By reliably calculating prices, configuring technically complex products according to customer requirements, and creating personalized quotes, CPQ cuts down on waste and improves your team’s overall sustainability.
Reduces unsold product waste
By ensuring that mass-produced inventory doesn’t go unsold, CPQ solutions reduce the number of unwanted goods going into landfills. CPQ programming offers accurate production estimates and up-to-date quotes that prevent your team from making an overabundance of product. When manufacturers don’t have accurate production numbers, excess stock sits on shelves until it is inevitably turned into waste.
Minimizes production errors

While CPQ helps reduce unsold products, it also reduces industrial waste by minimizing production errors. Implementing a CPQ solution reduces errors in your quoting and production processes by providing accurate, up-to-date data for your team to quote with. This allows your team to reduce the amount of production waste created from inaccurate orders by quoting accurately.

Production teams often create goods that don’t fit client expectations or aren’t viable for use. These rejects end up in landfills, producing a great deal of industrial refuse. Using CPQ to build accurate quotes the first time significantly reduces these errors and the resulting waste.

Saves time, energy, and resources

Not only does CPQ cut down on production waste, but it also reduces your operational impact on the environment. When your team uses CPQ to handle quoting, they cut down on office supplies, energy usage, and labor.

While these commonplace business elements don’t seem like major environmental detractors, the culmination of use over time creates a significant impact on sustainability. In fact, manufacturing contributes to 81% of industrial energy use.

Cutting down on the level of day-to-day resources your business uses saves the environment and your bottom line. This change is a significant cost-saving measure for manufacturers that offers a high return on investment from their CPQ program.

Reduce your carbon footprint with CPQ

As sustainable manufacturing continues growing, enacting small changes will make all the difference for your business. By implementing a CPQ solution like Configure One Cloud, a Revalize brand, your team will save time, energy, and resources while reducing costs and your carbon footprint. These changes place you ahead of the competition when it comes to winning consumers’ trust and establishing a competitive edge.
Investing in your team’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing is as easy as a single change. Talk to one of our experts and discover more about how CPQ solutions like Configure One Cloud reduce your carbon footprint while boosting your bottom line.

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