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Electromedical Devices: How CPQ is Revolutionizing the Market

Biomedical technology and electromedical devices have never been more in demand, both from healthcare practitioners seeking better diagnostics and monitoring tools and patients interested in collecting their own personal health data. As a result, the electromedical industry is booming. The global market for electromedical equipment reached $676 billion in 2022, with electromedical equipment comprising a significant portion of that value. It’s expected to grow to $953.4 billion by 2027.

Even though the electromedical device industry is growing so rapidly, manufacturers face many challenges during the sales process that make it difficult to maintain profitability. Sales teams need an automation solution that can handle a diverse array of customer needs, enable advanced product configuration, and manage the complex quote generation the industry demands. That’s where technology like CPQ comes in.

What is CPQ?

CPQ (which stands for Configure, Price, Quote) is a software solution designed to streamline and optimize quote generation for any type of customizable product — especially in the manufacturing sector. CPQ integrates the manufacturer’s product catalog and pricing rules to allow users to configure products through a digital portal and receive ultra-fast, error-free quotes.

CPQ solutions use rule-based configuration engines to ensure the customer’s configurations are both technically feasible and financially viable, without the need for oversight and approval from engineering. It even takes into account factors like pricing tiers, discounts, and bundling options. All of this sales automation not only accelerates the sales cycle, but also minimizes pricing inaccuracies, increases efficiency, and improves customer satisfaction.


Unlock the secrets to turbocharging manufacturer operations! Dive into our comprehensive guide, where we demystify CPQ, making optimization a breeze. Click now and revolutionize your manufacturing process.


Unlock the secrets to turbocharging manufacturer operations! Dive into our comprehensive guide, where we demystify CPQ, making optimization a breeze. Click now and revolutionize your manufacturing process.

The benefits of electromedical CPQ

Any industry that produces customizable products can benefit from CPQ solutions, including the electromedical device sector. Whether a manufacturer is producing EKG machines, MRI machines, pacemakers, or any other type of device in the category, electromedical CPQ can help:

Improve customization and personalization

Electromedical CPQ allows customers and sales teams to easily configure products to meet specific clinical needs without delaying a quote. A high level of customization ensures medical professionals can select the features and specifications required for their unique applications, enhancing the ROI, relevance, and utility of each device they purchase.

Increase accuracy and efficiency

CPQ software minimizes the risk of human error throughout the configuration, pricing, and quoting processes. Automating these tasks ensures the final product aligns with customer expectations, and dramatically reduces the number of change orders and mistakes in the process. Getting quotes right the first time prevents costly mistakes and disputes — including those that could harm a company’s reputation.

Speed up time-to-market

On the product design and engineering side, electromedical CPQ allows engineers to rapidly create multiple variations of configurable products, components, and accessories that are compatible with each other, without the need for cumbersome manual design processes. This efficiency helps electromedical device manufacturers bring their products to market more quickly, and respond faster to changing healthcare demands.

Bolster regulatory compliance

Electromedical devices are subject to stringent regulatory standards. By embedding compliance rules within the CPQ, manufacturers can reduce the risk of non-compliant designs, ensuring products meet the necessary safety and quality standards.

Improve customer experience

Electromedical CPQ solutions provide the ultimate user-friendly interface for customers and sales teams to configure and generate quotes. The smooth and convenient experience leads to much higher customer satisfaction, since customers can easily build the right product configurations, receive accurate quotes, and make informed decisions about their purchases. Electromedical CPQs that incorporate product visualization enjoy even higher satisfaction and purchase confidence — and customers are more likely to trust manufacturers that provide this.

Streamline and automate processes

CPQ automates virtually every aspect of the sales process for electromedical devices. The software reduces manual data entry, minimizes bottlenecks from too many customer touchpoints, and streamlines operations, making it easier for organizations to scale their production and sales efforts efficiently. Many CPQs even integrate with ERP and CRM systems for even more automation efficiency.

Configure One Cloud from Revalize: A leading-edge electromedical CPQ solution

Configure One Cloud from Revalize is one of the earliest CPQ solutions to enter the market, and is purpose-built to meet the needs of electromedical device manufacturers. With the newest cloud-based iteration of the platform, Configure One offers even more advanced capabilities, including online user access from anywhere, multi-currency pricing for global companies, a world-class software integrations hub, interactive visualizations, and more. Electromedical CPQ is critical for any device manufacturer in today’s highly competitive market, but not all platforms are created the same.
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