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3 Ways You Can Use the AQ Design Studio to Promote Quoting Activity

Getting better at turning quotes into cash is every manufacturer’s objective in the foodservice equipment and supplies (FES) industry, and there are two main ways of doing this. First, you can make your quoting process more efficient, honing in on each individual client and using products like AQ CPQ to collect data that will help you get better with each subsequent quote.

The second method requires you to increase quoting activity overall to surge sales even if your average quote-to-cash win rate stays the same. That’s a lot easier said than done.If you want to go down this path, you’ll need advanced design tools, like the AQ Design Studio, to attract more business to the products your customers already know and love. 

Thankfully, with AQ, you don’t have to choose between these strategies — you can have the best of both. Let’s explore the benefits of attaching high-quality product designs to listings and the possibilities this can create for your business. 

Here are three ways you can boost quoting activity for your business with AQ Studio.

Create Images More Powerful than Words

There’s a simple fact that everyone involved in the business of selling, manufacturing, and marketing should know: people love pictures. Time and time again, studies have shown that it’s much easier for people to remember something if there is an image attached to it. For that reason, your customers will trust your products and designs more when they can see to believe both the quality and innovation. 

A study by the University of California found that the human brain reacts much stronger to images than words. Researchers noticed spontaneous changes in behavior when participants were shown images as opposed to words or phrases. When you post product listings with detailed imagery, along with technical specs and relevant information, you can take advantage of this effect and leave your customers with a more lasting impression.

Learn the Language of Design

If you want to attract designers to your products, you have to start thinking like one. That means meeting them on their own terms visually. One of the easiest ways to do so is by using AQ to give designers all the information they need to make design decisions through your product data management system.

With AQ Design Studio, you can provide all the imagery, CAD/Revit files, and specs they need to be able to picture your products in the spaces they’re planning. If you build product listings with advanced design tools, designers will be able to use them during the quoting process to input your product specs directly into their plans. The more designers can feel confident a purchase will fit their vision, the more likely they’ll be to purchase.

Build Trust in Your Products

Product listings that come with designs get quoted more frequently. There’s a simple reason why — people have to see something for themselves before they can believe in its value. AQ’s Design Studio and team of media specialists can help you standardize your listings for a customer base that increasingly expects designs with their quotes. To reach this standard, you’ll need to make sure your product listings are complete with up-to-date, dynamic data and imagery. If you’re having trouble with CAD/Revit or simply don’t have the time to dedicate to implementing these files with product listings, AQ will be there to help pick up the slack. As one of the most trusted product data/content resources in the FES industry, AQ has the experience to guide you to more frequent, high-quality quoting activity. 

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