The CPQE Solution

The standard software for product configuration, pricing, and quoting for engineering (CPQE). We automate your ERP, CAD, and PDM systems in rule-based configuration processes and visualize your products live in 3D.

CPQE software | Product Configurator

speedmaxx is a Revalize brand and is the standard software for product configuration, price calculation and preparation of quotes for engineering. In addition, we automate ERP, CAD and PDM systems in configuration processes based on rules and visualize configured products in 3D: CPQE – Configure, Price, Quote for engineering.

speedmaxx Product Components

CPQ Software for

Marketing and sales

Gain competitive advantages in sales by quickly creating an offer using CPQ: Configure – Price – Quote

Development and Construction

Time for the essentials again. Thanks to product configuration including CAD automation, no more tiresome routine work.

Entrepreneurs and Decision Makers

Start digitizing with the CPQ software speedmaxx. This creates consistency in all business processes.

speedmaxx creates and secures a sustainable market advantage for our customers. With our solutions for variant management, we are already a technological pioneer. With our product configuration, we are the only ones who offer a consistent solution—from quote to engineering. What drives us is the innovative power of the engineer. With our variant management tools, we want to help secure the future of our customers.

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