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4 Benefits of Integrating A Pump Selector With Your Configure, Price, Quote Solution?

In today’s competitive fluid handling equipment market, offering customization and specialty configurations for your products are the best ways to attract and retain customers. Manufacturers that can accommodate every customer’s needs are more likely to close deals and secure repeat business. But if customers don’t select the right equipment to begin with, they won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of customizing their orders.

With such a complex landscape to navigate, buyers rely on manufacturers for help when choosing the best-suited products to their projects. Offering a Selector is critical for streamlining this process and starting a new sale on the right foot, but these tools are often separate from CPQ software — requiring a contract with an additional vendor. What if there was a way to combine the two?

Introducing SCPQ

Selectors walk your customers through every possible parameter of their project so you can get a crystal-clear understanding of their conditions of service. Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software automates the customization process for each order without needing any oversight from engineers. That way, the technology can enable faster quotes without sacrificing price accuracy.

Since the beginning, Selectors and CPQ solutions have operated separately from one another, even though they’re both critical for a successful sale. Recently, some solution-providers have begun combining these capabilities into Selector, Configure, Price, Quote (SCPQ) software for more robust workflows. Could this help your company?

4 Benefits of SCPQ Software

Bringing the capabilities of Selectors and CPQ together in one platform provides incredible benefits for both customers and manufacturers. Here are the top four:

1. Boxed Out Competition

A Selector is a critical part of any fluid handling equipment purchase, helping both customers and manufacturers get more clarity around the conditions of service. If customers use a third-party selector or do their own intensive product research, they could find their way to any number of manufacturers.

When you provide a Selector as part of your sales process, you can ensure all options point to your catalog. Integrating a Selector with your CPQ boxes out competition, narrowing their choice down to only your products so you can immediately begin the conversation about configuration.


Stay caught up in the ever-evolving world of fluid equipment manufacturing. Click now for ‘The Ultimate Guide to SCPQ’ and elevate your sales game!


Stay caught up in the ever-evolving world of fluid equipment manufacturing. Click now for ‘The Ultimate Guide to SCPQ’ and elevate your sales game!

2. Vendor Consolidation

Since Selectors and CPQ platforms are two different solutions, the costs for maintaining two separate licenses or service agreements is much higher, as well as the additional downstream expenses.

If the two solutions aren’t fully compatible, sales teams will have to manually export data from a Selector into their CPQ, slowing down workflows and increasing labor expenses. Any time manual processes enter the mix, it also increases the chances for human errors that cost even more valuable time.

3. Better Customer Experience

When customers are looking for a quote, time is of the essence. If they find a product through a Selector integrated with a CPQ, the sales team can immediately identify appropriate products and continue the conversation about configuration. CPQ dramatically accelerates the time it takes to generate a quote, and an integrated Selector speeds up the process even more.

4. Performance Estimates

Some CPQ software provides such deep insight into products that they generate performance data based on different configurations. When Selectors are integrated into the same solution, customers can see performance data before they even begin the customization process, adding a further layer of insight for product choice. Advanced SCPQ software, like Revalize, can update estimated performance based on each parameter change in the Configurator, as well.

The manufacturing sales process is moving faster than ever, even in complex niches like fluid handling equipment. Investing in an SCPQ platform will not only provide a better customer experience, but it will also dramatically improve the productivity of your sales team. Experience the difference with Revalize and schedule a demo. Still want to know more about SCPQ? Check out our new ebook to learn how an integrated Selector and CPQ can help your sales process.

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