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5 Strategies to Improve Quote Time For Fluid Equipment Systems

Advancements in technology have accelerated the pace of every industry in the past decade. Even manufacturers in the niche fluid equipment handling sector are moving more nimbly as a result of their digital transformation. Streamlining the sales process is just as important as streamlining product design and production.

When customers reach out for a quote, response time is as critical as price and accuracy when it comes to making a purchasing decision. This is especially important given the current state of the supply chain, when everyone has longer lead times and higher stakes. Companies in the market for new fluid handling equipment reach out to multiple vendors at once, so suppliers that respond late are automatically out of the running. Improving time to quote is critical to company growth, as well as maintaining revenue.

How to Speed Up Time to Quote

Quoting is an incredibly complex, multi-stage process, especially when you offer custom and configurable products. The longer the quoting process, the more likely sales teams are to suffer from churn and lose leads before a deal closes. A complex quoting process is also frustrating to customers and could dissuade them from doing business with you in the future.

Here’s how to speed up the time to quote and make customization as painless as possible:

1. Optimize the Selection Process

You know exactly what your products are capable of, and you have a lot of insight into what’s needed for a specific project. Customers want that expert guidance to ensure they select the best product for the job, but uncovering their needs can be a challenge. Create a form or interview process that efficiently gathers all the information necessary about their conditions of service and find the closest match in your catalog.

2. Carefully Define Configuration Rules

When it comes to product customization, every single change modifies performance and viability. One of the biggest causes of a long sales cycle is confirming how a configuration will affect the product with engineers and other stakeholders. Work with them ahead of time to map out the impact of each change so sales is more empowered to answer customer questions on their own.


Stay caught up in the ever-evolving world of fluid equipment manufacturing. Click now for ‘The Ultimate Guide to SCPQ’ and elevate your sales game!


Stay caught up in the ever-evolving world of fluid equipment manufacturing. Click now for ‘The Ultimate Guide to SCPQ’ and elevate your sales game!

3. Develop Comprehensive Pricing Rules

Each change to a product configuration also affects the overall price per unit and other budgetary considerations. When laying out pricing rules, be sure to include pricing for easier calculations at the end of the configuration process. A pricing guide will also empower sales to calculate costs along the way for customers with budget concerns influencing their final purchase.

4. Engage Engineers and SMEs Efficiently

Even with rules clearly laid out, it won’t always be possible for sales to answer every question on their own. Create a system where engineers can respond to questions on a regular basis — speeding up the quoting process without taking them away from their other work.

5. Adopt an SCPQ Platform

You can implement all of these strategies to speed up quote time without building complex spreadsheets, flowcharts, or other cumbersome systems. SCPQ (Select, Configure, Quote, Price) software is made specifically to help manufacturers streamline their sales process and speed up time to quote.

Users can program pre-set rules for the configurator to follow, so the system won’t allow selection of any customizations that are out of scope or unviable. Best of all, the software guides users through a simple point-and-click workflow so customizations can be finalized in just minutes.

For the best experience, you need an SCPQ platform designed specifically for the needs of fluid handling equipment manufacturers. Revalize is a fully integrated SCPQ solution with roots in every industry — including fluid handling equipment. Schedule a free demo to experience the difference for yourself.

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