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How to Get Buy-In For SCPQ

Select, configure, price, quote (SCPQ) takes the fluid handling equipment sales process to a new level of productivity. Like the CPQ solutions before it, SCPQ streamlines the entire quoting process, but it also .

Whether your company is still doing manual calculations or using Excel spreadsheets, implementing an SCPQ solution will transform your sales productivity. But that doesn’t mean it will be easy to get everyone on your team on board.

Colleagues can be resistant to change, especially if it upsets long-standing
habits, systems, and ways of operating. New software is an unknown, and has just
as much potential to make things worse as it does to make things better. Getting buy-in ahead of implementation is critical to success for your SCPQ roll out. Here’s how to garner support for an SCPQ solution.

The Benefits of SCPQ

The biggest question everyone will have about SCPQ is: How does it make my job easier? Here are the top benefits:

Standardizes the configuration process

Engineers can set custom rules and parameters for what’s configurable, and how different selections impact each other. This gives customers and sales teams autonomy to configure products without feedback or oversight from engineers, freeing everyone up to focus and work with less interruption.

Improves pricing accuracy

Using conditional logic, SCPQ can automatically calculate the price for different configurations, without the potential of human error.

Accelerates time to sale

SCPQ eliminates time-consuming back and forth between sales and engineers, and takes all of the manual labor out of pricing, reducing the sales cycle from days or weeks to just a few hours.

Automates quotes

The software can automatically generate quote documents based on approved configurations and pricing, and then submit them to customers for review.

Approaching Decision Makers

For the most successful SCPQ roll out, you need buy-in from every member of the sales and engineering teams. The best way to build this consensus is to get key decision makers on board. Beyond the benefits of SCPQ, be prepared to talk candidly about:
How you handle this phase will make or break the rest of the implementation process. Being receptive to sales’ and engineerings’ concerns and feedback will determine whether they work as allies to the digital transformation or resist change they feel is being forced upon them.

It’s unlikely that every team member will be equally on board during the implementation process. So, identify the most receptive advocates and ask for their help rallying the troops. Any change will come with growing pains, but the more willing everyone is to play their part, the faster you can move toward a more productive process.

Transform Sales With Revalize SCPQ

Fluid handling equipment manufacturers have so much to gain from SCPQ software, as long as they make the right choice. Revalize offers a purpose-built SCPQ specifically made for the needs of the fluid equipment sector, with a long track record of loyal customers. In fact, Revalize is the first company to successfully unify selector tools and CPQ into a single platform.
Ready to take your digital transformation to the next level? Schedule a demo to see what SCPQ can do for your company.

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