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How SCPQ Solutions Eliminate Errors For Fluid Handling Manufacturers

Fluid handling equipment has always been complex, but as manufacturers have begun to offer more custom and configurable products, the sales process has only become more challenging.

Narrowing down to a specific base product can already be overwhelming for buyers, but each configuration also dramatically alters performance. Customers need your guidance and expertise to not only identify the best products for their projects, but also to configure them to their specific needs.

Mistakes are bound to happen if you try to manage all of this information manually. Fluid handling equipment manufacturers need a software solution to streamline the sales process and ensure higher quote accuracy.

What Is SCPQ?

SCPQ stands for Select, Configure, Price, and Quote, and it’s a type of software that helps sales teams streamline their entire query-to-quote process. The platform combines both Selector tools and CPQ capabilities for even greater efficiency than the two standalone platforms offer.

Selector features allow manufacturers to upload their entire catalog and automatically match customers to the products that meet their needs. From there, customers can use the Configurator to customize their products, with pre-set rules acting as guardrails to prevent them from choosing options that are out of scope for the manufacturer. Prices then update automatically to produce a quote in record time.

How SCPQ Software Cuts Down on Human Error

With so many touch points throughout the sales process, it’s incredibly vulnerable to human error. Any change to a configuration may require oversight from engineers to ensure it’s viable and within scope — as well as confirmation it will help customers achieve their desired result. Every change to a product will also alter the price and production schedule.

Manually producing quotes for complex and configurable fluid handling equipment isn’t just a time-consuming process — it’s also easy to make mistakes. Here’s how SCPQ software removes human error from the equation:

1. Automates Selector Process

Matching a customers’ conditions of service to the appropriate fluid handling equipment can involve cross-referencing dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of different variables. SCPQ software automatically processes all of the data about a customers’ needs and generates a reliable list of compatible products for further evaluation.

2. Enables Rules-Based Configuration

When configuring products manually, sales has to confirm each change with engineers to ensure a specific build is viable. With so much back and forth, it’s easy for details to get lost in translation or misunderstood. SCPQ software eliminates a lot of these vulnerabilities by automating the configuration process. The system automatically flags changes to configurations that violate pre-set rules, so nothing is ever approved for production that can’t be built.

3. Eliminates Manual Pricing Calculations

Every new configuration alters the final purchase price. Traditionally, salespeople have to calculate the impact of each configuration by hand. SCPQ uses the same rules-based configuration capabilities to automatically calculate pricing based on changes to the parts, components, and materials in a new product build, removing the chance for human error.

4. Auto-Generates Quote Documents

Once a quote is finalized, SCPQ software generates and submits the quote document automatically. This eliminates the need for data entry by the sales team, along with the chance of sending customers quotes with typos or incorrect information.

For a long time, fluid handling equipment manufacturers have had to maintain two separate accounts with Selector and CPQ providers in order to enjoy these capabilities. Revalize is one of the few solutions in the market to combine the two tools into one integrated platform. Schedule a demo with our team to see how SCPQ can improve your sales process.

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