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Why Fluid Equipment Manufactures Need to Leave Homegrown Configurators Behind

If you’re still using spreadsheets, basic database systems, or in-house configurators to manage quotes, it could seem like more trouble than it’s worth to change a system that’s working. After all, your processes have been like this for years — and if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Over time, you’ve probably invested a lot of energy into tinkering with formulas and formatting to create a homegrown solution that you’re proud of (even if it breaks down every few weeks).

But with so much competition in manufacturing, now is not the time to be nostalgic or complacent. Selector, configure, price, quote (SCPQ) platforms are revolutionizing the way fluid handling equipment manufacturers manage their catalogs and produce ultra-fast quotes. Many companies can’t even begin their digital transformation until they’ve implemented this critical technology.

If you’re still relying on a homegrown solution, it’s time for an upgrade. Here’s what you have to lose from sticking with the status quo, and what you have to gain by partnering with a third-party solution:

The Cons of Homegrown Solutions

The Pros of Third-Party Solutions

Manual, Error-Prone Pricing

Pricing configurable products is incredibly complex, even when you’re using advanced Excel spreadsheet features.

Formulas can break randomly, at any time — especially if you’re trying to update them to calculate a new discount or other price change.

Limited Configurability

Have you ever limited your product options because of how complicated they would be to configure? You shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than customer service, but homegrown solutions don’t provide the support you need.

Data Silos

With your homegrown solutions, most of the data you manage just lives on individual machines. This creates bottlenecks when employees need info and have to wait for a coworker to forward an email or look back at their notes. If employees can’t access information on a colleague’s computer, data could be lost forever.

Incredible Vulnerability

How many people really know how to fix (or even manage) your homegrown solution? And more importantly, what happens if they leave the company?

Manufacturers that rely on homegrown solutions aren’t just operating inefficiently — they run the risk of losing critical sales tools (and revenue) when they need them most.

The Pros of Third-Party Solutions

Automated Calculations

Third-party solutions use rule-based logic to based on a customer’s unique configuration. Users can easily incorporate sale prices or special discounts without worrying about human error, while dramatically. Many platforms can even estimate performance curves for different product configurations.

Manage Complexity Efficiently

Users can program third-party SCPQs to handle any number and combination of configurability options, allowing you to offer more customizable products without any extra hassle.

End-to-End Integration

SCPQ by third-party vendors are cloud-based and accessible anywhere. As a centralized database, they create a single source of truth for every sale, eliminating data silos. The best platforms can even integrate with back-end, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for more integrated workflows beyond sales.

Dedicated Support

Homegrown solutions split your company resources in two. Any time and energy spent maintaining your Frankenstein system detracts from time you could spend on sales. Third-party SCPQ solutions are created and maintained by vendors who care about only one thing: maintaining and upgrading SCPQ software. This comes with customer support that simply doesn’t exist when you build a solution in-house.

Future Proof Your Sales Process With Revalize

A third-party solution is key to upgrading your sales process, but not all platforms are created equal. Intelliquip by Revalize eliminates all of the inefficiencies involved in homegrown solutions and manual processes. And as the first-ever SCPQ, which integrates product selectors and CPQ technology in one platform, it enables a fast, satisfying, and accurate sales cycle — and the chance to generate more revenue than ever.
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