When you use Attainia’s medical equipment planning platform, you gain access to the industry-leading medical equipment catalog, witch features 70,000+ products from more than 3,500 suppliers.  And, the catalof is intergrated with the planning platform, witch means you can quickly search and specify products to build your equipment list without ever leaving the app.

Save time.  No need to spend your day on Google hunting down product details.  Products in the Attainia catalog contain spec sheets, images, Revit families and much more, all conveniently located in one place.
Improve planning accuracy.  Attainia’s dedicated team of catalog editors is constantly updating product information to ensure your team is working off of the manufacturer’s most up-to-date resources for every product.
Drive standards.  Use the catalog to designate your organization’s standards and ensure the greatest contract utilization for ultimate cost savings.

A tool for effective change management

Change in a healthcare construction or renovation project can quickly jeopardize the budget or timeline.  The Attainia catalog helps mitigate the impact of change by powering teams with the right information to quickly assess – and adapt as necessary.

Assess downstream impacts of project changes by quickly reviewing MEP and technical requirements for any products specified in the project.

Quickly research and specify new products – without leaving the Attainia platform – if a product you have specified doesn’t fit when build is complete, or if a product goes on backorder or is recalled.

Right-size equipment requests by using catalog data to help drive discussions around clinician preferences. Easily access and show equipment capabilities and prices to ensure you are specifying the right equipment model for your project’s budget.

Let our team do the medical equipment research for you

Product listings within the Attainia catalog provide all of the information you need to evaluate and specify the right equipment for your project.  Note: discontinued products are also housed in the Attainia catalog, so you still can easily access cut sheets for older equipment models as needed.

Here's a look at just a few of the features within the Attainia catalog

Find product images for each listing for quick visual reference as you search and specify equipment
The Saved Resources section houses downloadable versions of any spec sheets, images and more provided by the manufacturer.
Access MEP data at your fingertips.
The catalog not only provides MSRP/list pricing but all catalog products, we allow you to manage and share internal contract pricing seamlessly across your organization by adding an organization scope price.
Ready to see how the Attainia catalog – paired with the collaborative equipment planning platform, PLAN-IT – can help accelerate and streamline your medical equipment planning?
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