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The Link Between Medical Equipment Planning and Patient Satisfaction

Trying to improve your organization’s patient satisfaction scores? Don’t overlook the power of a smart medical equipment planning practice to contribute to a positive patient experience. Here are seven ways a medical equipment planner can help.

Guide to a Successful Medical Equipment Installation and Activation Phase

Follow these eight best practices to ensure a seamless turnover during the final stages of a healthcare facility construction or renovation project.

Strategies for Establishing and Driving a Standards Program for Your Healthcare Organization

Creating and maintaining standards is a big task—but also a critical one. This guide will help you understand the why and how of creating an equipment standards program for your hospital or IDN.

5 Keys to Success When Planning Medical Equipment In Your Next Construction or Renovation Project

Construction and renovation projects in the healthcare industry are complex due to facility-specific demands and the ever-changing nature of medical technology.

Embrace Change When Planning Medical Equipment

It’s time to stop fearing change when planning medical equipment, and start focusing on managing it effectively. The financial and clinical outcomes will speak for themselves.