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Case Study:

CPQE Triumph with speedmaxx

How BLEICHERT leveraged speedmaxx to streamline engineering and drive quality excellence in manufacturing design processes

For decades, BLEICHERT has been one of the biggest innovators in the design, manufacturing, and implementation of conveyor technology. The company specializes in designing and producing customized conveyor systems for a wide array of industries, with expertise that enhances operational efficiency and workflow optimization.

BLEICHERT’s commitment to precision engineering and tailored customer support has established them as a global leader in high-quality conveyor solutions that meet the evolving needs of manufacturers around the world.

Reducing unsustainable production times

Developing specification sheets for customers in the automotive sector is notoriously time and resource intensive. Even though BLEICHERT utilized advanced CAD and PDM software, each specification sheet often required support from almost a quarter of the company to configure products to each customer’s needs.

The limitations of their CAD solution created a cumbersome design and engineering workflow, as well as a lot of errors — extending production schedules even longer than necessary to double-check work and correct mistakes. To make matters worse, the final 20% of each layout required completely manual design.

The repetitive nature of this workflow was unsustainable, and the team at BLEICHERT needed an advanced configurator capable of streamlining their engineering processes.

Transforming workflow with CPQE

“We knew that if we used a configurator, it had to fit into our overall structure. That means that when I configure something in the configurator, it must be possible for me to continue working with the configuration manually,” said Felix Sigwart, Team Leader of Digitalization, Processes, and CAD at BLEICHERT. 

In addition, the team at BLEICHERT needed a solution that could function entirely in a browser application, create 3D CAD previews, and generate models via batch server without utilizing designers.

Out of all the CPQE products on the market, only speedmaxx from Revalize was able to meet these requirements.

Saving Days Of Effort With speedmaxx

After implementing speedmaxx, Sigwart and the team noticed immediate improvement in nearly every aspect of their design and engineering processes.

In terms of time savings:

Over the three years BLEICHERT has used speedmaxx, the company saved thousands of hours on design.

Today, we've halved the number of new components in our design; enhancing engineering capacities, minimizing system maintenance, and conserving data storage.

Felix Sigwart,
Team Leader of Digitalization, Processes, and CAD

In terms of quality improvement:

Overall, speedmaxx has freed up so many design resources that the company has been able to grow order volume and revenue without adding more staff. “In the past, we had to cope with order peaks [by hiring] external [freelance] designers,” Sigwart explained. “Today, that’s completely gone. With more effective tools, we can now handle this ourselves.”

Now, after three years of using speedmaxx, BLEICHERT has achieved complete ROI. Next, the team will implement the configurator on their website so that customers can configure their products directly, saving even more time and resources.

We would unreservedly recommend speedmaxx to all companies that create customized products similar to ours.”

Felix Sigwart,
Team Leader of Digitalization, Processes, and CAD

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