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Top 4 Qualities to look for in a PLM Partner

What qualities should you be looking for when setting up a product lifecycle management (PLM) system? Here’s how to find the perfect manufacturing PLM partner.

Tips For Appointing A Successful CPQ Administrator

Implementing a configure, price, quote (CPQ) solution will transform your sales process — but only if you have the right people managing it. Who you task with setting up the platform and managing it on a day-to-day basis is just as important as selecting the right CPQ solution.

Three Business Strategies to Maximize Efficiency and Innovation with PRO.FILE PLM

Efficient data flow is the backbone of successful collaboration. PRO.FILE from Revalize is a game-changing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, designed to accelerate product development, improve time-to-value, and instill process confidence.

This is how manufacturing companies get through the crisis safely

Companies in the manufacturing industry are not exempt from the current crisis, quite the opposite. The skyrocketing energy prices are accompanied by disruptions in supply chains that threaten the existence of the company. And despite all this, they should still manufacture their products according to sustainability principles.

The Top Success Metrics and KPIs Manufacturers Need to Know

Technology has changed manufacturing processes, as well as what we can measure. Here are the six most important KPIs to track.

The Top 8 Challenges Facing The Healthcare Supply Chain

Not only does the healthcare supply chain involve monitoring product acquisitions along their path from origin to destination, but many of these supplies can be a matter of life and death. On top of that, managing the medical supply chain is a significant contributor to high healthcare costs.

The Top 5 Food and Beverage Manufacturing Trends for 2024

Give your operations and IT teams the tool they deserve. Discover the CPQ benefits for operations and IT here.

The Top 4 Most Common CPQ Misconceptions

Business owners are beginning to rethink their workflows and seek improvements thanks to evolving manufacturing practices. Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software offers businesses a better, more efficient way to configure, price, and quote their products to customers. However, some are skeptical of its viability and are discouraged from investing in it due to common misconceptions.

The Power of PLM

Meeting the deadlines of the food and beverage industry requires effective communication and aligned teams. Here’s how PLM can help.

The Power of Enhanced Guided Selling

Since the advent of computers, technology has continued to evolve to make everyone’s lives easier by simplifying and streamlining tasks. While we might still be waiting on artificial intelligence (AI) to give us robot butlers that can keep our homes clean and organized, AI has already begun making the selling of products easier. This is where enhanced guided selling comes in.

The New Furniture Retail Buying Journey

The new furniture retail buying journey is one that takes place both online and in-store. Today’s furniture shoppers want limitless access to product information, customer service, and interactive experiences. Whether they are on their electronic devices or visiting the store, consumers expect to be able to engage with brands, manufacturers, and retailers.

The Middle of the Idea-to-Cash Journey

Turning an idea into a revenue-generating product can be a long and complex process, but it’s manageable with proper support and technology. In part one of our series, we covered the first steps of the idea-to-cash journey, including: