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What is a product configurator?​

A product configurator (or configuration software) assists you in selecting options for a product to meet the individual needs of your customers. Instead of creating quotes and specifications manually, a product configurator automates the process, speeding up the quote timeline and getting the item into production. If you’re in the business of producing custom or configurable products, you need a product configurator.

Rules based interface

Our configuration interface includes a variety of tools to ensure that each configuration meets your product’s design requirements. Options can be limited based on other option selections and automatically select or eliminate features.

Accurate and consistent results

Our configuration interface includes a variety of tools to ensure that each configuration meets your product’s design requirements. Options can be limited based on other option selections and automatically select or eliminate features.

Reduce complexity

Configure One simplifies your business processes and eliminates errors. This enables engineers to spend time designing products instead of creating estimates and sales people can spend time assisting customers, instead of filling out paperwork.

Price and cost calculation with Configure One

Calculate prices using bill of material item data or generate pricing dynamically without a bill of material. BOM pricing can pull item price and cost data directly from an integrated ERP for pricing that’s always accurate, up to date, and accessed securely.

Pricing options and contracts

Configure One’s sales configurator supports multiple methods for pricing configurations, including bill of material and option-based pricing. Pricing equations can account for variable data that is unique to each configuration. Additionally, customer price books can securely store contracted pricing for every item in your inventory.

Discounting rules and workflows

Configure One’s quote and order interfaces provide a wide variety of automatic and manual discounting methods. Discount workflow functionality allows for multiple levels of managers to approve or reject discount requests. Discounts can be applied to specific products, items, customers, shipping, and more!

Multi-currency support

Bring your products to a global market with multi-currency and multilingual support. Create configurations, quotes, and orders in alternate languages and currencies.

Provide comprehensive quotes for customers

Configure One has the tools to provide comprehensive quotes for customers. Include line items for fully priced configurations, view and edit bills of material from the quoting interface, manage customers, and generate dynamic quote documents.

Documents and SPEC sheets

Generate quote documents populated with bills of material, customer and item data, images, and more. Configure One’s document creator also includes configured specification sheets and order invoices.

Dealer support

It’s easy to set your products up in Configure One and our exceptionally talented CPQ services team will show you how to get the most out of your investment and start delivering for your customers.

Quote tracking

Track all changes throughout a quote’s history, including who made what change and when. You can also view previous iterations of a quote document at any time.

Submit an order through the web configurator

Complete the sales process by submitting orders through Configure One’s web configurator. Monitor ordering with customizable reports and an order queue for reviewing orders before final approval. Configure One provides all of the tools needed to move your entire sales process into a single application.

Credit card checkout

Configure One provides a straightforward e-commerce interface for customers to make purchases using a credit card. This feature allows for simple and secure purchasing entirely within the Configure One application.

Rules based interface

Configure One provides a straightforward e-commerce interface for customers to make purchases using a credit card. This feature allows for simple and secure purchasing entirely within the Configure One application.

Tax calculation with Avalar

We offer a standard integration to Avalara for sales tax calculation and address validation services. This allows Configure One to retrieve accurate sales tax calculations and validate address information for quotes and orders. Avalara is a cloud-based software platform that provides a variety of sales tax compliance solutions.

ERP Integration

Configure One can integrate to any ERP to streamline the ordering process. Orders entered in Configure One are sent to the ERP system-of-record with no need to re-enter data.

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Configurator and CPQ services from Configure One

Configure One can partner with you on:

  • Implementation of Configure One
  • Education and training of Configure One
  • Configurator-Related CAD Automation
  • Product configuration requirements assessment
  • Replacement of your existing product configurator
  • Configurator software customizations

Implementation of Configure One

Because each client is unique, flexibility is key at Configure One.
We offer a variety of implementation options to match your strategy and budget.

Training and mentoring services

With this approach, you take responsibility for the majority of the software implementation, turning to Configure One for training and mentoring.

The first step is to identify a qualified person(s) for the role of system configurator administrator. The system configurator administrator is responsible for modeling data and product rules into Configure One CPQ. Configure One provides comprehensive administrator training classes, and you are assigned a Configure One project team for mentoring and consulting throughout the project.

Item and part creation

Configure One handles item master and part creation as a piece of the configuration process. Item master creation can be automated to create records for unique dimensions and feature combinations. Bills of material include static and dynamically generated item master line items.

Item management and ERP integration

Item masters in Configure One support substitution and replacement, as well as sets composed of multiple items, phantom items, and more. Configure One can integrate to any ERP system to ensure that it is always using the most up-to-date item information for every configuration.

Automated part creation

Generate new smart parts and items automatically whenever a unique combination is used. Configure One will always check to see if the item exists before creating a new item and reuse existing items whenever possible.

Special option requests

Let customers submit special requests for engineered-to-order products. Users can define their exact needs and include comments. Special requests can be reviewed and then added to the BOM as new items.

Bill of material

Dynamically generate a customized bill of material for every configuration. Configure One bills of material use rules and logic to eliminate the errors and inefficiency of manual BOM creation. Bills of material can be viewed at every step of the configure–quote–order process. A dynamically generated BOM can even be displayed while selecting components on the configuration interface.

Logic based BOM

Configure One bills of material use easy-to-implement logic to determine which items to include based on each unique configuration. They can also include equations for calculating square footage, length, or any other required unit of measure.

Multiple BOM formats

Every configuration can generate multiple bills of material, such as a sales BOM and a manufacturing BOM. Each BOM type can be configured to display pricing, costs, item quantity, and more. BOMs can be edited to add or remove items as needed directly from the quote or order interface.

Smart routings

Generate manufacturing routings specific to each configuration, providing your shop floor with step-by-step manufacturing instructions. Routings compile a list of included items and can calculate the setup and assembly time for each step in the manufacturing process.

Integrated CAD automation

Configure One leverages your CAD models and drawings to automatically generate fully configured 3D models, sales drawings, and production drawings. Your customers and sales representatives can view CAD outputs almost instantly, instead of waiting days or weeks for engineers to put together a custom design.

Dynamically genrated sales drawings

Drastically reduce your quote-to-production lead time with automated sales and production drawings that are dynamically generated as soon as configurations are created.

CAD generated bills of material

Automatically generate bills of material with your CAD application or Configure One’s native bill of material functionality. Configure One is flexible and works with your existing assets to achieve the best results.

Boosted efficiency

Instead of engineers spending their time manually producing configured models and drawings, Configure One with CAD automation frees them up to spend their time on more valuable projects.

Configure One’s CPQ CAD automation supports: SOLIDWORKS | Autodesk Inventor | PTC Creo (Pro/Engineer)

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