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August 15, 2023

Discover PLAN-IT: The World’s Leading Medical Equipment Planning Solution

For more than 20 years, Attainia has led as the most trusted brand for medical equipment project planning. A pioneer in the industry, it has empowered more than 1,200 healthcare facilities and medical equipment planning firms to plan over $128B in capital equipment. Attainia’s comprehensive PLAN-IT solution revolutionizes the planning process with advanced project management capabilities, seamless collaboration features, and in-depth analytics for data-driven decision-making.

We’re excited to introduce you to the latest innovations from PLAN-IT. Designed to transform your medical equipment planning experience, PLAN-IT enables your team to work smarter, work faster, and work together more easily than ever before.

What’s new with PLAN-IT?

Contracts management

We’re thrilled to announce that Group Purchasing Organizations are now able to upload their contracts and utilize PLAN-IT for contract management and access provisioning. Users can take advantage of GPO pricing for their capital equipment projects, and GPOs can monitor usage and trends with improved data visualization on their compliance dashboard.

Enable consistent processes, policies, procedures, and overall management across entire organizations with our new Organization Scope contracts. You can also associate products to different contracts for enhanced information management and filtering, and you can customize pricing options with new tier-based pricing for chosen suppliers.

Seamless system integrations

Save significant time and effort with self-service API management. With our bidirectional API, you can easily sync data between PLAN-IT and your ERP, construction project management system, asset management tools, and other essential business systems. Eliminate errors, streamline workflows, and gain process confidence with a single-source-of-truth solution for your project planning information.

Elevated user experience:

Swiftly navigate between project tabs and work on the go with PLAN-IT. Our cloud-based platform makes it simple to manage projects in real-time—whether on the jobsite or during review meetings—and it allows us to effortlessly provide regular design, functionality, and performance enhancements. Rest easy knowing you have access to our latest features, user-friendly design updates, and the most speedy, efficient solution.

For more detail about the latest updates from PLAN-IT, visit: How PLAN-IT Product Updates Boost Your User Experience

Transform your planning process

Project planning success

Gain access to the planning, budgeting, and forecasting tools necessary for effective project management. Utilize our industry-leading equipment catalog to quickly identify items you need and compare vendors for potential cost savings. Save precious planning time with automated workflows, including streamlined bulk updates across projects, and monitor project costs with our comprehensive suite of budget management tools—ensuring your projects are both on-time and on-budget.

360 collaboration

Enhance productivity, keep all stakeholders informed, and ensure data accuracy with our platform that enables cross-functional collaboration. PLAN-IT’s cloud-based platform makes it simple for your team to access the most up-to-date information and work on projects anytime, anywhere.

Superior data security

From overall data security to specific permissions and access control, PLAN-IT keeps your information protected. Our enhanced cloud-based security measures ensure user data is safe and secure. We rigorously maintain the privacy of contract details—mitigating risk and preserving consistency in pricing and standards—and we make it easy for you to control user and department access to project and system-wide operations. Need extra assurance? Tracking features and operation logs guarantee an audit trail for accountability and security. Spend more time on your core business activities while confidently ensuring the right data is in the right hands.

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