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From Data Silos to Cloud Systems: A Recipe For Food and Beverage Success

Product lifecycle management (PLM) software has transformed food and beverage manufacturing over the past few decades, leading to more project visibility, automated documentation, and collaborative product development. As technology continues to advance, cloud-based PLM is now allowing food and beverage manufacturers to break out of their data silos for even more streamlined workflows. Unfortunately, many food and beverage manufacturers face resourcing challenges that make it difficult to upgrade to these new solutions. But the alternative is to continue using an outdated platform, which will only stunt business growth. Therefore, it’s time to move on (and up) from the past.

Why Food and Beverage Manufacturers Need the Cloud

If you’re satisfied with your current software, you could see cloud migration as an unnecessary, cumbersome process with more risk than reward. However, a cloud-based solution creates the opposite scenario. Continuing to make do with an outdated solution will ultimately prevent you from competing with the new, agile food and beverage startups that are claiming more market share each year. Here’s how a cloud-based PLM can help:

Streamlined Operations

With cloud data management systems, users can access any information about a particular product from anywhere in the world. This takes collaboration to the next level, with both internal stakeholders, and external vendors. And since it’s so easy to access the one source of truth about every product and ingredient, every stakeholder is empowered to make more informed decisions. As a result, food and beverage companies can improve quality control and consistency, streamline reporting, increase business agility, and reduce overall costs.


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!

Higher Growth Potential

Systems that run on antiquated software applications — especially those that cannot be upgraded or supported — often require users to build their own add-on solutions to fill in performance gaps and keep processes nimble. This just creates layers of complexity and an obstacle for sustainable growth.

Cumbersome processes make it impossible for manufacturers to truly innovate, create exciting new products in a profitable timeline, improve quality, or boost ROI. Cloud-based, no-code solutions are virtually future-proof and free companies from the burden of patchwork problem-solving.

Better Data Security

Data and intellectual asset security is imperative to maintain a competitive edge. Legacy systems are inflexible and offer little to no protection of classified data. In fact, most are not Unicode ready and SSO is entirely unsupported, which makes global regulatory compliance nearly impossible to achieve. Luckily, cloud-based PLM is innately compliant with international data security laws, so users don’t even have to worry.

Easier Compliance

Speaking of compliance, global food and beverage regulations emphasize detailed documentation of product attributes. Each product can have hundreds of attributes for distributors, and hundreds more for regulatory compliance. But most legacy systems cannot easily add or support additional attributes.

In order to expand into new markets, manufacturers have to manually document each aspect of their products, rendering their legacy PLM useless. Cloud-based solutions make it easy to customize the attributes recorded in databases, and share them with outside stakeholders.

Revalize: The Missing Ingredient for Next-Gen Product Lifecycle Management

Making the decision to replace an obsolete PLM system can be a major undertaking, but cloud-based solutions are easy and cost-effective to implement. Even more important, platforms like Revalize go beyond the basics of PLM to offer capabilities specifically designed to meet the needs of food and beverage manufacturers.

Revalizes’ PLM solution is part of an entire suite of manufacturing software, so users can easily digitize their entire idea-to-cash journey. 

To learn more, get in touch with one of our experts to see what Revalize can do for you.

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