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Haas Door

Empowering a network of 270 dealers to create unique quotes and orders in minutes.

Planning for the future, Haas Door recognized that its homegrown configurator and spreadsheet-based quotation system was inadequate to support the company’s growth and its desire to empower its dealers with the capability to generate their own configurations and quotes. As a result, Haas Door turned to Configure One Cloud’s CPQ solution.

Since 2009, Haas Door has increased revenues by over 30 percent. By automating the CPQ process (configure price quote), and empowering its dealer network to generate their own quotes, Haas Door is on pace to create 250,000 configurations this year, all without additional customer service reps (CSRs). Haas Door has reduced the time it takes to produce quotes from days to minutes, in addition to improving accuracy and reducing configuration errors.

Based in Northwest Ohio, the Haas Door Company has been manufacturing top quality garage doors since 1954. Through the years, Haas Door has made garage doors from wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and steel materials.

Old Quoting Process

While quality and workmanship are of the utmost importance in manufacturing garage doors, Haas Door wanted to put the same emphasis on improving its internal systems.

“There were delays in producing quotes and production drawings could take up to two weeks,” said Channon Rufenacht, Project Specialist. “All of the quotes were channeled through the engineering department and we had to hire additional engineers just to handle modifications to the bills of material.”

The company wanted to streamline the CPQ process and to reduce the lead time and the resources needed to produce a quote.

“Production drawings could take up to two weeks.”

Search for a New System

As a result of the many issues and problems, Haas Door’s management decided to make a change. The CPQ solution they selected had to support Haas Door’s planned sales growth. The ability to integrate with their ERP application was also a key factor.

“We wanted to reduce the time required to produce a quote, make our sales team more efficient, and allow our customers to be more self-sufficient,” said Jeffrey Nofziger, President of Haas Door. “In addition, we wanted to increase revenues from up-sell opportunities and reduce the time it takes to introduce new products.”

In any software selection it’s not just about functionality. Feeling comfortable with the vendor is a key decision factor. “One of the reasons we selected Configure One Cloud was because the people we met were very professional. With limited information from our price book, Configure One Cloud’s proof of concept blew us away.”

“Configure One Cloud’s proof of concept blew us away.”

Our dealers can create quotes in a matter of minutes no matter where they are. They just love it.”

Channon Rufenacht,

Haas Door
Project Specialist

Dealer Empowerment

Haas Door’s relationship with its dealer network is essential to the company’s growth. Haas Door’s dealers also sell competitors products. The company that is easiest to do business with often wins the order.

In this regard, Configure One Cloud has provided Haas Door with a competitive edge. By empowering the dealer network to create their own quotes, Configure One Cloud has reduced the quotation process from days or weeks to minutes.

“Configure One Cloud has helped us improve service to our customers by increasing the speed of quoting, improving accuracy, and expanding what we make available to our customers including marketing materials. Our dealer can quote projects at their convenience, even at night, after hours. The program really helps them manage their time better,” said Rufenacht.

“It used to take two weeks to get drawings to the customer. Today, these are created instantaneously. Out dealers can create quotes in a matter of minutes no matter where they are. The dealers just love it.”

Driving New Business

Since implementing Configure One Cloud in 2009, Haas Door has streamlined its CPQ process, increased revenue, empowered its dealer network, and dramatically increased its quote volume, all without additional customer service reps.

“If we did not have Configure One Cloud, we would have had to double the number of people that we added in the sales department,” said Nofziger. “Now over 70% of our customers use the quoting system.”

Now, over 70% of our customers use the quoting system.”
Jeffery Nofziger,
President Haas Door
Configure One Cloud is a leading provider of web-based product configurator and CPQ (configure price quote) software. Configure One Cloud has enabled both large and small companies to increase revenues and decrease costs by automating the way they sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option, and customizable products.

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