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How 3D Renderings Help Customers With Visualization

Manufacturers used to only be able to draft their designs on paper. This method was enough for them to envision the parts, equipment, structures, and other objects that create our world. Now, many manufacturers design using CAD (computer aided design) software — a high-tech upgrade that digitizes the entire drafting process.

Now, CAD software is capable of photorealistic 3D renderings, and has brought even more precision and insight into the pre-production process. Believe it or not, these 3D renderings can also be an invaluable tool for improving sales. Here’s everything you need to know about how CAD visualizations can help your customers, and the new tools you have at your disposal.

Why 3D Visuals Are So Important

Even though manufacturers are selling tangible objects, many customers feel that their buying decisions are a leap of faith. In the past, manufacturers have quelled fears with physical prototypes. But in custom orders, these can be incredibly time intensive to produce, not to mention expensive — especially if the customer needs multiple iterations before making their purchase.

With shrinking profit margins, labor constraints, and rising material costs, producing physical prototypes is no longer an option for many companies. This is why 3D product renderings from CAD are a true breakthrough for manufacturers and their customers, alike.

Designers are free to produce many iterations of a design for customers until they agree on just the right configuration, at no additional cost except their labor. Customers enjoy higher buying confidence since they can see a design from every angle and know exactly what to expect from the final product.

As CAD becomes more prolific, 3D models no longer help products stand out to customers. Manufacturers need to take their renderings to the next level to maintain their competitive advantage.

How to Enhance 3D Visuals For Customers

The newest generation of CAD software offers incredible capabilities that blur the lines between digital imagery and physical prototypes. Here are some techniques that can wow customers and increase sales:
With movies full of epic CGI battles and cutting-edge videogame graphics, basic 3D models are no longer enough to impress customers. Designers can spruce up their visual presentations by capturing real-world textures and applying them to the digital surfaces of their renderings.

This takes 3D models to the next level by essentially rendering them as photographs — just of an imaginary object. Designers can further enhance the experience by modifying digital lighting to create a more appropriate mood to the model.
Advanced 3D modeling capabilities allow designers to do more than render products — they can create replicas of real-world locations where their product might be placed so customers can see equipment in their space before they make their purchase. Applying real-world textures to these models can make the experience more life-like for customers, coming just short of actually seeing the object in reality.
Virtual reality (VR) can take immersion even further, allowing customers to experience a 3D product rendering in full scale, without the limitation of their phone screen. The novelty of guiding customers through a VR immersion is also effective at deepening their relationships with sales, providing a further conversion boost in the process.

Create Better 3D Renderings With Revalize

Revalize is equipped with all of these capabilities and more, improving both designer and customer satisfaction. The CAD software developers are always releasing new products, including add ons for VR, so customers can create even more immersive modeling experiences. 

For more information, or to schedule a demo, get in touch with one of our experts to see what Revalize can do for you.

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