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How CAD Software Can Help Manufacturers Design Without Limits

Decades ago, manufacturers could only draw product designs by hand. Every single draft required painstaking effort, slowing down design output and limiting revenue for companies. Now in the digital age, computer aided design (CAD) software has revolutionized the way manufacturing designers create products — improving efficiency, creating better quality renderings, and creating massive cost savings.

Some manufacturers have chosen not to invest in CAD because they don’t see the value, but they’re missing the bigger picture of what design software offers. After all, sticking with manual drafting processes inhibits product development.

Here, we’ll cover just some of the ways CAD software can unleash designers’ full creative potentials.

What Does CAD Do?

When most people think of CAD software, they think of architecture, but it’s actually used by manufacturers in every field to digitize the design process. Unlike the limitations of pencil and paper, CAD enables designers to create fully immersive visuals of the products they’re creating. Renderings are so effective that many companies no longer need to produce physical product prototypes — saving time, money, and resources by eliminating unnecessary work.

How CAD Helps Manufacturing Designers

CAD has a number of advantages over manual drawing and drafting. Here’s how they unleash designer creativity:
In the past, designers could not succeed without advanced drawing skills. But CAD is proving technical ability doesn’t always translate to brilliant designs. The software solution empowers designers with no artistic background to easily bring their visions to life.
CAD software is well-known for helping designers create 3D renderings of objects that customers and project stakeholders can rotate to see from every angle. Many modern CAD programs take rendering a step further by allowing designers to place textures on their creations and even customize lighting.

In the right conditions, designers can even produce photo-realistic images that help stakeholders and customers envision products in specific spaces. This helps designers create more aesthetically pleasing objects, and helps sales teams close more deals.


Ready to revolutionize your designs and drive efficiency? Don’t get left in the past with manual drafting. Click now for the ultimate CAD guide!


Ready to revolutionize your designs and drive efficiency? Don’t get left in the past with manual drafting. Click now for the ultimate CAD guide!
With manual design processes, every single draft has to be created from scratch. CAD software lets designers build product templates for faster drafting, or pull 3D assets from a catalog to configure new products in a virtual environment. This digital sandbox approach to product design frees up designers to focus more on innovation than aesthetic execution.
Before CAD, a designer’s best friends were erasers and whiteout to salvage hours of work from a drawing mistake. With CAD software, fixing mistakes is as easy as pressing the undo button. And even after submitting a design for review, designers can easily make changes to their work with just a few points and clicks.
Speaking of design submission, hand-drawn designs are incredibly challenging to share with others. With so many moving parts and high expectations, it’s imperative to facilitate feedback from customers and other stakeholders throughout the entire design process. CAD software makes it easy to share real-time renders of any product in development, and even lets other team members and customers leave comments right in the design file.

Design the Next Generation of Products With CAD

CAD has been utilized for more than 30 years, but not all platforms are created equal. Revalize offers some of the most advanced capabilities in the marketplace. Industry-leading design begins with CAD software that offers industry-specific features and streamlines material documentation. 

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