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Need Help with CAD and Revit?

Whether your company is already experienced with CAD and Revit or you’re just starting to explore this 3D design format, the more life you can bring to your products, the better. Customers in the foodservice equipment and supplies (FES) industry have come to expect detailed design data powered by these tools when making decisions about the products they purchase.

A survey of AQ subscribers found the majority (67%) agree that expanding CAD/Revit content in their product catalog would create value for their businesses. The reasons why vary, but most respondents agreed that CAD/Revit designs, including drawings and models, improved accuracy during the quote-to-cash process.

So, how do you make sure you’re meeting your customers’ expectations with CAD/Revit content if you’re unfamiliar with the process? With the help of AQ, you can efficiently add this data to your products. Even if you’re already focused on building out your product content, our team can help you optimize your listings and ensure each individual product description meets industry standards.

The Benefits of CAD and Revit Content

CAD refers to any computer-aided design tool that engineers and designers use to build a wide range of products and projects, whereas Revit content focuses specifically on building and room design. Both design tools can be powerful assets to manufacturers looking to easily showcase their products for their customers.

In the past, 2D drawings were the benchmark for product and project designs. But, as our design tools have evolved, 3D images have made that approach obsolete. We’re not just saying that because it’s new technology. The benefits of these design tools are simply too hard to ignore.

Here are just some of the ways utilizing CAD/Revit can improve the way manufacturers interact with their customers:


Ready to revolutionize your designs and drive efficiency? Don’t get left in the past with manual drafting. Click now for the ultimate CAD guide!


Ready to revolutionize your designs and drive efficiency? Don’t get left in the past with manual drafting. Click now for the ultimate CAD guide!

Listing with Style

One of the most important benefits of creating product models with CAD/Revit is the ability to have the data you need to host these product designs on a website. More and more, customers want a chance to review your product listings before starting their journey through the sales funnel. While you’re working to build out your design content, you can add that information to your website.

With AQ’s Products API, the data you attach to products can be updated automatically, whether that’s through an ecommerce channel, your website, or an internal system. This includes marketing materials, imagery, specifications, and other detailed product information.

How AQ Can Help Build Your CAD/Revit Library

AQ’s media specialists take the CAD and Revit designs for your products and bring them up to industry standards so AQ users can take the design files and build kitchen designs straight from the AQ catalog. The AQ media team takes these files and adds embedded specs and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) information to each entry to save users’ time when they’re searching for your products and working on their designs.

Users even have the option to filter out designs that don’t feature CAD/Revit content, so products with attached design files will likely show up in more searches. The AQ media works to make sure more of your product data is seen by more customers and AQ users.

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