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How CPQE Takes Your Quoting Process to the Next Level

When clients request a customized product, your team is tasked with making it a reality. However, not all customer requests are feasible, and if there’s a disconnect between your sales and engineering teams in the quoting process, your company could be at risk of wasting time and money — as well as losing your customer.

That’s what makes configure, price, quote, and engineer (CPQE) such a vital tool for your team’s success. Through integrated data, CPQE software offers engineering insight earlier in the process. This eliminates the need to circle back with clients about a redesign by quoting correctly the first time around, ultimately speeding up the overall quoting process.

Even if you have a CPQ solution, taking your quoting process to the next level with CPQE will amplify your ability to beat out competitors by delivering customers with a faster, more accurate estimate.

What is CPQE?

CPQE is similar to configure, price, quote (CPQ). However, it also directly integrates engineering data into the quoting process. This includes computer-aided design (CAD) automation that allows your team to better understand and create complex, customized configurations with fewer errors.


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!

What are the benefits of CPQE?

Compared to a standard quoting process, CPQE allows your team to work more efficiently, stay better connected, and use the solution with ease. While CPQE provides many standard CPQ benefits, adding engineering data to your quoting process adds an extra layer of efficiency to your business.
Increased automation and speed
By automating the engineering process directly into your quoting solution, your team will reduce time spent communicating internally over potential edits. Allowing engineers time to ensure a final product will be structurally sound is one of the biggest roadblocks from getting a quote processed. This often involves multiple rounds of revisions and edits — all of which are now avoidable through CPQE.
Improved accuracy and efficiency
Through engineering data integration, CPQE ensures your products and services are quoted accurately. Using this data reduces errors and eliminates the manual review process — saving time and money. CPQE also streamlines the sales process by automating manual quoting and pricing processes. These automations allow your sales team to focus on strategic activities, such as building and nurturing customer relationships, and identifying new sales opportunities.
Improved interdepartmental collaboration

Information silos are a common bottleneck in the quoting process. When knowledge isn’t shared across departments, the number of steps required to build a quote and complete an order increases. Departments may also be at risk of working with inaccurate pricing or product data.

Acting as a single source of information, CPQE breaks down these communication walls and increases interdepartmental collaboration between sales, engineering, and every other team involved in your quoting process.

CPQE allows your team to access engineering data earlier in the process, so quotes are built using accurate specifications — avoiding potential revisions. With access to up-to-date pricing, product, and engineering information, your team will produce high-quality products with less administrative back-and-forth.

Better customer experience and conversion
Your business isn’t the only one that benefits from CPQE. Cutting down on errors and wait times using integrated engineering data enhances your customers’ experience by offering them a single, viable quote. This builds their confidence in your business and their loyalty to your products. Decreased wait times also maintain customer interest and satisfaction, leading to a higher conversion rate.

Uplevel your quoting process with CPQE

Through the power of information, your team will quote and create customized products with ease. A CPQE solution like Speedmaxx a Revalize brand provides your team with a full suite of CPQ benefits that make your quoting process smoother than ever before — with the added power of engineering data. Speedmaxx keeps every department connected while using centralized data to build more accurate and viably customizable quotes for your customers.
Your team doesn’t need to work harder to produce better results. Schedule a demo with one of our experts to discover how CPQE will upgrade your quoting process and increase your return on investment.

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