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How Medical Equipment Planners Are Managing Change in New Construction Projects

Every medical equipment planner has two goals: completing projects on budget, and on time. Change, no matter how big or how small, could threaten both of these goals because change costs money and ultimately causes delays.

Although change isn’t ideal, it’s often unavoidable — and can even make the outcome of a project better. Construction projects are inherently organic, dynamic endeavors with many twists and turns along the journey. The key is for equipment planners to leverage their skills — and the right tools — to manage change as effectively as possible.

Here are four real-world examples of how equipment planners have been able to successfully embrace change, thanks to Attainia by Revalize, and the platform’s comprehensive suite of medical equipment planning solutions.

1. Navigating a Product Recall

The challenge: To set up a new medical facility, planners needed to procure 450 IV pumps.

The solution: During procurement, the FDA issued a mass-recall of the exact IV pump planners had specified, delaying availability and shipping past the initial project completion date. Thanks to Attainia’s comprehensive product comparison feature, the team quickly identified alternative IV pumps with the necessary specs.

The result: Planners ordered new models in a matter of hours with no increase in project cost or delays to the schedule.


Say goodbye to outdated spreadsheets and hello to efficiency and profitability! Discover how cutting-edge medical equipment planning software can revolutionize your approach.


Say goodbye to outdated spreadsheets and hello to efficiency and profitability! Discover how cutting-edge medical equipment planning software can revolutionize your approach.

2. Identifying a Pre-Planning Opportunity

The challenge: The project’s original design called for two operating rooms: a fully equipped OR Room 1 and a shelled OR Room 2 for future use.

The solution: While selecting hardware for OR Room 1, planners realized they could significantly reduce costs by choosing equipment that easily integrates with both ORs as needed. The planners used Attainia to document the changes, calculate the new costs, and easily share with other stakeholders.

The result: The new equipment specifications increased the cost of OR Room 1 equipment by $20,000, but reduced the cost of OR Room 2 by an astonishing $40,000, saving a total of $20,000 on the project.

3. Realizing Cost Savings Through Equipment Standards

The challenge: An approved project required planners to procure six units of a new, cutting- edge automated RX/supply distribution cabinet.

The solution: While reviewing previous project standards in the Attainia platform, the planner realized the entire organization was standardized to the previous version of the cabinet specified for the new project. However, the hospital had already planned a system-wide conversion to the new version of these cabinets over a two-year period. Using Attainia’s cost analysis feature, the planner realized it would be cheaper to specify the old version of the cabinet for their new project, and then upgrade over time according to the already in-place plan.

The result: By purchasing the standardized RX/supply distribution cabinets, the equipment planner reduced the project cost by $80,000 — and avoided temporary IT infrastructure incompatibility issues.

4. Group Buy Discount Becomes Available

The challenge: A planner needed to procure multiple versions of imaging systems from the same manufacturer. Their budget was based on the group purchasing organization (GPO) contract pricing listed in the Attainia catalog.

The solution: Before submitting the final purchase order, Attainia notified the planning team that the GPO had a special “group buy” price discount available. They quickly assessed whether the project could accommodate the schedule implications of a group buy, and determined they could take advantage of the offer.

The result: The group buy discount saved more than $1 million on sticker price, and even provided enhanced warranty and service features.
Attainia by Revalize has saved customers millions of dollars and countless hours. If you’re ready to learn more about how our industry-leading tools can empower your medical equipment planning teams, get in touch with our experts to schedule a free, personalized demo.

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