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August 5, 2023

How PLAN-IT Product Updates Boost Your User Experience

As the pace of technological advancement continues to accelerate, it can be difficult to keep up with constant product updates. New, helpful features may get lost in an email — and your team could end up doing more work than necessary.

That’s why we’ve created a list of the most recent updates to PLAN-IT from Attainia, so you can discover which capabilities you’ve missed and how they may benefit you most.

The latest PLAN-IT product updates

Check out our latest updates and discover how the newest version of PLAN-IT can help boost your team’s user experience.

Self-service project migration

For those who don’t have time to wait for someone else to migrate their projects from PLAN Advanced to PLAN-IT, our self-service project migration tool eliminates the need for outside help. With this tool, your team can quickly migrate their PLAN advanced project data at their own discretion. You can even migrate multiple projects at the same time — you’ll be alerted when they’re done via email.

Aggregated reporting

The PLAN-IT aggregated reporting feature offers your team an easy, visual way to manage reporting and the creation of custom reports. Using aggregated reporting, you can perform project quality control across multiple projects simultaneously to ensure consistency in your projects field values, model, manufacturer, and item volumes.

This updated feature also improves upon 2.0 PREDICT by providing more report options, the ability to use existing reports across multiple projects, and the option to create custom reports across multiple projects.

Product, supplier, and project favorites

Does your organization have a preferred product or supplier that you use across every project? Make sure your team understands and follows your unique standards through the new favorites feature. This tool allows you to mark preferred products and suppliers to ensure these favorites are used in your projects.

Not only does this reduce the stress on your team when it comes to selecting the right products, but it also minimizes the time and energy required to ensure projects are complying with organizational standards.

Bidirectional API

Manually migrating data from third-party applications to PLAN-IT is an unnecessary hassle for your team. Through the new API tool, you can pull data directly from a project and update your projects through a secure, key-based system. Using this API allows you to update your project fields using a third-party data source, without the need for any extra manual steps.

Organization, user, roles, and project management

Tracking every employee, project, and location can be a serious hassle for your team. That’s why organization, user, roles, and project management tools are essential to reducing the burden on your team.

Through these tools, you can track multiple projects across multiple locations, manage user permissions, copy user profiles, and customize permissions per project. With these new management tools, you can cut down the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks — freeing up your team to do more high-value work.

Approval workflows

The addition of approval workflows and approval groups to PLAN-IT allows your team to streamline your process and regulate your validation standards across all projects.

Using the new approval groups feature, you can assign a set group of individuals to give approvals across multiple projects. This reduces the need to repeatedly set up the same group from scratch and helps standardize this element of your workflow. These groups can also use automation tools to keep your project running smoothly.

Approval workflows also allow for specific item configurations or procurements to be approved, tracked, and validated in a formal process that minimizes errors and miscommunication across your organization.

Procurement reports

To help your team better track purchasing activity, PLAN-IT’s procurement report system now features seven new reports for you to use. These reports include:
Leveraging the data provided in these reports, you can more accurately track and anticipate your team’s procurement schedule, budget, and progress. This reporting helps to ensure your team is meeting their projected goals and staying within budget.

Get more information through our customer support portal

Want to learn more about the latest PLAN-IT updates and how they can help your organization? Want to learn more about the latest PLAN-IT updates and how they can help your organization? Try using our customer support portal to get help from our experts and learn more about how to leverage these tools to your benefit.