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Our Success Formula for a Quick and Cost-effective Start.

Achieve A Full-Fledged & Operational PLM Solution In The Shortest Time

With our best practice approach, we have created an out-of-the-box solution that enables keytech PLM to be implemented in the shortest time and at minimal cost. According to our motto “Think Big, Start Small” we offer you a solution that can grow with your company’s requirements. You can easily upgrade the system later as new challenges arise.

In the first step you can save costs with keytech best practice and go live with a fully functional and operational PLM system within a few weeks. The best practice database is based on our formulars for success from over 20 years of PLM experience.

Your Benefits At A Glance


In addition to the basic PLM framework in the form of the best practice database, we have included a whole range of proven functions and modules in this starter package, which have proven their value in many successful projects over the past 20 years.

In the best practice database, all important CAD document classes and item management are already preconfigured. In addition, we have already incorporated the necessary user groups and permission structures, as well as release processes and recursive status changes, into the development of keytech best practice.

Besides various document templates and the integrated email management, weight calculation, standard part and semi-finished parts management are also part of our best practice concept and ready for productive use right from the start.

As a special feature a pre-configured order management is also integrated, which enables you from the start to manage any documents in the context of your customers, requests, offers and orders and benefit from keytech's folder templates and integrated task management.


With the keytech best practice concept and by using proven solution modules and preconfigured components we achieve extremely short implementation times for you. After successful installation of the keytech best practice module, one of our employees is available for one day to perform minor adjustments to the system.

Afterwards our experienced trainers enable your users and the future keytech administrator to work productively with the system and to carry out minor changes directly after the implementation.


By using our pre-configured solution modules, we offer you a ready to use PLM system at minimal initial investment costs.

Thanks to this streamlined entry-level solution, there are no expenses for an initial PLM workshop and the creation of an individual requirements specification within the scope of the introduction, as well as the effort required to configure the solution modules.

That is a cost advantage that we are happy to pass on to you.

Start With Your Fully Functional PLM Solution In Just A Few Weeks

After an implementation of keytech best practice, you will have a fully functional and operational PLM solution in place in no time and your users will be able to work productively with the system right from the start.

Rely on a success formula that has been proven and refined over more than 20 years, keeping all doors open for the later agile customization of your solution.

Do not waste valuable time now and request our keytech best practice data sheet today!

Are You Searching For Your Customized PLM Slolution?

Do you have the feeling that you need a PLM system tailored to your requirements right from the start?

No problem! In addition to keytech best practice, we also offer you the way to your very own individual keytech solution. Have a look at the information about our 5-step implementation concept!

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