keytech insight

Bring the integration of CAD and PLM to a completely new level!


The seamless interaction of authoring system and data management has always been one of the core topics in product lifecycle management. With keytech insight we bring the integration of CAD and PLM to a completely new level.

With this streamlined and fully CAD integrated application you can access the relevant information from keytech PLM directly from SOLIDWORKS, Inventor and Solid Edge.

Supported CAD Systems


In Autodesk Inventor keytech insight is installed as an additional module. The app is integrated as a full-fledged add-in in Inventor and can be managed via the add-on module manager.


Add-ins are displayed in SOLIDWORKS next to the SOLIDWORKS Resources, the Design Library etc. in the Task Pane Tabs. keytech insight is no exception and is also integrated exactly there.


Also for Solid Edge, the extension keytech insight can be found where you would expect it. We have seamlessly integrated keytech insight for Solid Edge into the EdgeBar of the Siemens CAD solution.

PLM Information in Context of your current assembly

With keytech insight we offer CAD users an interface, which is directly integrated in the respective CAD system. PLM information can be displayed live from keytech in the context of the current assembly. By selecting the appropriate component of the assembly in CAD, the corresponding data is retrieved via the keytech api and displayed directly in keytech insight. Which keytech information is displayed in the detail area of keytech insight can be individually configured and thus adapted to your personal working method. Basically any document or Item attributes can be stored on the four information tiles of keytech insight.

Your Benefits at a Glance


Beside the PLM information in the detail area, especially the version history in keytech insight provides valuable information in the design process. You can see at any time without switching to the keytech client, which archived previous versions exist for the currently selected component, or if there is even a current version that is already in progress.


The area "Linked Items" is particularly suitable for variants, such as configuration parts in SOLIDWORKS, to get a quick overview of how many Items are currently linked to the corresponding component in keytech and in which status they are. keytech insight allows you to quickly and easily assess the PLM context of a component and make an informed decision.


In order to familiarize new users quickly and easily with keytech insight, the application has an integrated tutorial that is displayed to new users when they log in. With the help of interactive info elements, the user can start his tour through the app and get to know all important functional areas in order to optimally use keytech insight in his daily work right from the start.


With keytech insight we bring PLM information to where it is needed: Directly into your CAD system.

This way you can answer many questions without switching to the keytech client, enabling fast decisions in the development process and an efficient and easy workflow between CAD and keytech.

Integrate CAD and PLM more seamlessly than ever with keytech insight!