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Ready for the challenges of tomorrow!

With keytech, we already provide our customers with a versatile toolbox to solve a wide range of challenges in the areas of PLM, DMS, project planning and workflow management.

As new challenges such as “true” concurrent engineering, meaningful business cases for the digital twin and PLM in the cloud arise, we are increasingly having to look at new technologies to find new solutions to these challenges.

Now we want to bundle our efforts in this exciting field between future challenges of our customers and new products or technologies to solve the corresponding tasks. This is why we are combining three existing products, which are already central components of this strategy, and two new products under a new product family: keytech+

Overview Of The keytech+ Product Family

keytech Insite

With keytech insight, we bring PLM information and in the near future PLM functions directly into the central working tool of our customers’ design engineers and product designers: The CAD system.

keytech Search

With keytech search we bring the saved queries from the keytech client platform-independently into the browser and thus create a powerful research tool for every user.

keytech Notification

keytech notification is our solution for real-time notification of keytech events. Users can be informed quickly and easily by email or via the Windows Notifications.

keytech Extended 3D

keytech extended 3D is our platform for collaborative viewing of virtual product models and creates a platform-independent view of your 3D data combined with PLM information.

keytech Cloud

With keytech cloud, we are gradually transferring keytech to the cloud, starting with the database and the file server. This means that you can already access the same database from multiple locations.

keytech+ At A Glance

keytech+ Basic

Free basic functions of our keytech+ products

With keytech+ basic, the basic functions of the products keytech insight, keytech notification and keytech search are available to our customers.

All three products can be used free of charge with the current keytech version as part of the existing licensing.

Access PLM information directly in CAD with keytech insight. Get real-time information about keytech automation or keytech workflow engine events with keytech notification. Or use keytech search, our platform-independent and powerful research tool, to spread keytech information to new user groups in your company!

keytech+ Professional

Expand keytech+ basic with exciting new functions

With keytech+ professional, we are successively supplying our customers with exciting additional functions of the products keytech insight, keytech notification, keytech search, keytech extended 3D and keytech cloud.

As an example, use keytech insight to get an overview of the models changed in CAD or host the keytech database and file server in the Microsoft Azure Cloud with keytech cloud.

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keytech Insight

Overview of changed models in CAD

With the function “Overview of changed models in CAD” for keytech insight, you receive transparent feedback directly in SOLIDWORKS on the question of which parts and assemblies have already been changed by you in the current design session.

This way you have the changed models immediately in view and at any time have a full overview of the effects of saving the current assembly back to keytech.

CAD structure browser

The perfect complement to the function “Overview of changed models” is the function “CAD structure Browser” for keytech insight. It enables an easy comparison of the current document structure in SOLIDWORKS with the CAD structure in keytech directly in keytech insight.

This gives you a transparent overview of models that colleagues have updated in the PLM system in the meantime directly in CAD at any time and you can simply reload and exchange them if necessary

keytech Extended 3D

Performance 3D models in the browser

With keytech extended 3D we bring a high-performance 3D neutral format into the web browser. With the innovative 3D Viewer, you can provide corresponding files from keytech easily in Google Chrome and Co. and access document and item information as well as files linked to the model directly in the browser in addition to the 3D product model.

Solidworks add-in for 3D neutral format generation

A prerequisite for the full functionality of keytech extended 3D is that your 3D models are available in a file format that has been specially extended for this application. With our corresponding add-in for SOLIDWORKS, we therefore provide you with a simple and high-performance way to generate the corresponding files.

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keytech Cloud

SQL server database hosted in the cloud

With keytech+ professional, we are taking an important step towards cloud PLM. keytech cloud allows you to host the keytech database in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and thus access the same database from many different locations. Questions about reconciling the database across multiple locations and the question of data sovereignty are thus a thing of the past.

File server hosted in the cloud

In addition to the option of hosting the database in the cloud, we also offer you the option of hosting the keytech file server in the Microsoft Azure Cloud as part of keytech+ professional. This way, all your employees can access the same file status in addition to the keytech metadata and the synchronization of multiple file servers across different locations is unnecessary.

keytech PROOM Iterface

Share files and documents easily & securely with colleagues, customers and partners directly from keytech. The keytech PROOM interface provides you with the platform to easily share keytech files across locations and company boundaries with people outside the keytech environment. The document exchange takes place transparently in protected digital project rooms. The keytech PROOM interface connects both systems and fits seamlessly into your daily work routine.

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