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Revitalize Your Production Process with Modern PLM Solutions

Manufacturing quality products takes time, effort, and the right tools. But without proper management, your operation could be wasting its efforts. Producing products without a strategy leads to costly errors and upset customers. Product lifecycle management (PLM) is your solution for fighting these inefficiencies and getting more out of your production process.

PLM solutions can reduce your production timelines, the overall effort required from your team, and the chance of errors throughout the product life cycle. These solutions help keep everyone on the same page and provide numerous other cost-saving benefits.

What is Product Lifecycle Management?

Product lifecycle management oversees a product’s ideation, design, development, creation, sale, improvements, and eventual retirement. In other words, it is the management of a product from beginning to end.

The manufacturing business relies on product lifecycle management to keep projects running efficiently. PLM software helps ensure all team members are informed and working efficiently throughout a product’s timeline.

Streamlining Production with PLM

Practicing proper PLM will reduce roadblocks, speed up production, and reduce costs across your product catalog. With the right tools, product lifecycle management offers benefits that maximize your product’s ROI and reduce stress on your team.

1. Use a Single Source to Manage Your Data

One of product lifecycle management’s key functions is to ensure your team has up-to-date data throughout the entire lifecycle of your product. PLM software stores data in a single location that is accessible to every member of your team, including:

Having a universal source of information eliminates unnecessary check-ins, meetings, and bottlenecks that can come with information silos.

With PLM, you are able to keep tabs on a product’s progress and production status. This helps your team identify and prevent potential errors and ensure your product timeline remains intact.


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!

2. Real-Time Collaboration

One of the most significant issues that prevent your team from advancing is waiting for each member to work on a product independently. Work silos lead to frustration and longer wait times for your customers. PLM software allows for collaboration in real-time by providing a unified workspace. This encourages faster, informed changes that reduce downtime and eliminate communication gaps.

Providing team members with this access to real-time context reduces errors and streamlines the overall production of your products. These collaborative capabilities also encourage cross-functional teamwork that draws on the knowledge of experts in every department.

3. Structured Linking of Product Data and Documentation

In some businesses, each department may have its own organizational system or jargon, which creates roadblocks and frustration for a cross-functional team. Implementing a PLM system offers the opportunity to have every relevant file available across your organization.
Product lifecycle management programs create a file structure that offers a number of benefits, including:
A structured linking system allows you to work off the most recent files with certainty, reducing your error rate and cutting unwanted costs. It also synchronizes your departments to create greater efficiency across your organization.

Boost Your PLM with the Right Software

Your production process relies on every step working exactly right every time to succeed. By implementing a PLM software, you can ensure your team’s success by providing the right tools for the job. PRO.FILE a Revalize brand is an industry-leading PLM software designed to be the thread connecting every stage of your production.

With software that supports your streamlining methods, you can increase your production process’ speed and value. Talk to an expert to learn more about how PRO.FILE fits your business needs and how PLM can streamline your production.

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