Salesforce and Revalize

Sales teams can make miracles happen when it comes to closing deals and securing revenue, but they can’t work their magic without access to the right tools.

One of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms is Salesforce. Meanwhile, on the configure, price, quote (CPQ) software side of things, Revalize helps manufacturers customize and quote specialty products. The industry-leading technology even has solutions designed for specific manufacturing niches.

When manufacturers integrate these two platforms together, they have a recipe for an efficient custom sales process — and higher profits to boot. How do these two products complement each other? And how do you integrate them together? Let’s dive into it.

Why You Shouldn’t Configure Products Manually

Before solutions like Revalize CPQ came along, manufacturers relied on painstaking manual configuration processes. They required a lot of back-and-forth communications between sales and engineers to determine product viability, pricing, and coordination.

Given all of the time and effort involved, sales was at risk of losing customers to faster, more efficient competitors. But Revalize enables sales teams to gather all of their customers’ product requirements, generate an accurate price, and deliver a quote in record time.

Why Integrate Salesforce CRM and Revalize CPQ?

Whether you’re already a Salesforce customer and need a CPQ, or a Revalize customer in need of a CRM, there are a number of reasons why you should bring these two platforms together. Here are the top benefits:
Even though Salesforce and Revalize are two different solutions, their ability to integrate creates a frictionless workflow. Sales can start a profile in Salesforce and move effortlessly into Revalize to configure products and generate quotes that get added back to the profile in Salesforce.
Revalize CPQ software generates a multi-level bill of material (BOM) for every customized product your company offers. Users can even export the itemized BOM details right to the quote document. This allows them to provide detailed quotes faster than ever before.
Once the customer decides which configuration they want to move forward with, users can export the data to Salesforce to complete the process. There, sales can convert the configuration into a billable order with the press of a button.
All of your customer contact information from Salesforce is automatically pulled into quotes produced through Revalize CPQ. The two applications communicate to keep the information in-sync so users only need to enter it once.

Why Salesforce CRM Needs Revalize CPQ

Why would you need a separate CPQ through Revalize when Salesforce has their own? The reality is that Salesforce was designed first-and-foremost as a CRM, and Revalize has much more functionality. Some of the top features include:
Companies that use an enterprise resource planning system for inventory and order management can be assured that Revalize CPQ integrates with any ERP. It uses the ERP data when generating bills of material and can send order details to the ERP when a customer makes a purchase.
CAD automation has been a mainstay of Revalize CPQ for over two decades. When a product is configured, integrated CAD applications can automatically put together 3D models and drawings using the configuration data.
Revalize lets you show off dynamic 3D and 2D representations of your products, and update them in real-time. Customers can see exactly what they are getting and feel confident when making a purchase.
Salesforce CRM and Revalize CPQ are two of the most powerful sales platforms in any industry. When manufacturers bring them together, they’re able to take their potential to new heights. Revalize integrates seamlessly with a wide array of industry leading platforms, making it one of the most important ingredients for any high-performance manufacturing operation. Schedule a free demo to experience Revalize for yourself.

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