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Meaningful offers help in the sales process

Salespeople need offers that are so self-explanatory, understandable and well-structured that customers should order immediately. As a provider, you demonstrate competence and customer orientation right from the start. This in turn gives you competitive advantages! The sales configurator speedmaxx Enterprise supports you in creating exactly such documents – eg using Microsoft Word and PDF documents. Another advantage of product configuration is speed: thanks to the automation of the offer creation, you can send out many more correct offers in less time. Our customers have demonstrably increased their sales figures with it.

At a glance - your advantages with automatically created offers and sales documents

Quotation creation simply by software. The offers are easy to understand and clear. You have the complexity of your variants under control and show the customer exactly what he wants The offers are clear and in the corporate design of your company (important for image building and recognition) You can have your offers created in multiple languages Your customers and prospects can receive the offers around the clock 24/7!

Better safe than sorry

The necessary master data is reliably transferred from your existing systems, eg from databases, ERP/SAP systems or Excel.

Technically, it works as simply as this:

Individual offers and documents can be made available, for example, via a link in an email, as an attachment to an email, as a direct call in the browser, on an FTP server or in a download portal. Many of our customers have implemented exactly such solutions.

Make customers happy: With 3D views in real time

If you want to surprise your customers in a positive way, simply integrate 3D views and drawings of the tailor-made products into the offers. That works – it is individual, to the point. The 3D visualizations can be created in real time with 3D CAD systems.If your company relies on end-to-end automation, the documents for production will also tumble out of the system. Extra parts lists are not required. That makes the job easier.

Product configurator speedmaxx - For real consistency in the entire business process!

If you as a company rely on process consistency – from the inquiry to design and production – you need the sophisticated ACATEC technology that accompanies you right through to the design department. With speedmaxx you not only generate quick sales data for customer-specific products, but also go one step further and link your sales with the design. As the only configurator on the market, we are now expanding the term CPQ with the letter E. The E stands for Engineer and stands for CAD automation.

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Collaboration between sales and design is easier

The customer has special requests or wants something new and individual. You have to ask the design department – that ties up time and resources. With our software, the sales department – ​​or even your customer – can automatically generate their own documents themselves. Every day, around the clock!

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