speedmaxx For Development Construction

Reduce lead time

The VDMA has determined that the throughput time for customer orders in construction has increased by around 35%.With speedmaxx you accelerate your order-specific construction of tailor-made product variants many times over: What you used to need a week for, you now only need one day. CAD automation makes it possible.Your benefit: time wasters in construction are eliminated – you are given the freedom to develop innovative, proactive and, above all, creative products. In addition, thanks to the simple operation, you can generate individual products in your 3D CAD systems several times faster. Designers and work planners are relieved of routine tasks. The product-specific know-how is available at the touch of a button, regardless of the person involved.

The application of speedmaxx

Before placing an order: the quick and automatic provision of customer-specific, simplified CAD data (assemblies and drawings) for sales and customers in product marketing. After placing an order: the fast and automatic generation of all necessary product data (CAD data, parts lists, master data, …) for order processing.

Generated data

Fully automatically generated data are, for example, 3D individual parts, 3D assemblies, production drawings, offer drawings, parts lists, order data, simplified customer models, simplified models for FEM networking and calculation, assembly instructions, NC data, etc.

Supported CAD systems

SMS Siemag via speedmaxx

“The use of speedmaxx Enterprise accelerates the creation of production documents for valve statuses by several factors and the number of new variants is reduced through intelligent dialog queries.What we used to need about a week for, we now need a day at the most.Automatically generated production documents are valid 3D models, drawings and also NC programs that can be used without any further verification.”Ralf Kiedrowski, Head of CAD, SMS Siemag AG, Hilchenbach

Elevator works M. Schmitt + Sohn about speedmaxx

“speedmaxx Enterprise enables the order-specific design process for elevator cars to be accelerated by a factor of 5.The entire process of work preparation could be largely automated using the ERP system Navision and the 3D CAD system Autodesk Inventor.This guarantees a consistent quality of the generated order-specific product documents and bills of materials, as well as the assemblies, individual parts, drawings and geometries for laser processing.”Martin Schmitt, Managing Partner, Elevator Works M. Schmitt + Sohn, Nuremberg

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