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Mastering the diversity of variants – optimizing the sales process

Do your customers also expect an individual product on the terms of standard products? In order to remain competitive as a company, you must meet these requirements. In addition, you should bring your variety of variants under control so that the costs for your production do not explode. A tool for product configuration offers you support in mastering the variety of variants in all business processes.
Is the sales process for complex products a lengthy process for you too? Thanks to speedmaxx, the product configurator from speedmaxx, this process becomes more efficient. You create offers for your customers quickly and without errors, even without the help of the design department. As a technology leader, we offer a consistent variant configuration from sales to engineering. For maximum acceleration of your business processes.

Product configurator - easy to use

Everyone involved in the configuration finds their specific information and solutions. Your own employees in sales and marketing, from the design department, your trading partners, customers and interested parties are guided interactively to buildable and “permitted” products. Whether online or offline. In this way, on the basis of a defined set of rules, the product configurator creates tailor-made variants that are plausible and desired. You can set up your configurator as you wish: “Guided Configuration” for the occasional user “Professional Configuration” for the power user

Easy integration

The product configurator speedmaxx is also able to generate all data for the entire business process of order processing, in the sense of “Engineering Automation”. This is how speedmaxx is integrated into your existing IT landscape and forms the link between your existing systems. Advantage for you: with speedmaxx there are no double data records, because we access the existing data, configure it and return the data without system breaks. This ensures consistency and maximum acceleration of your business processes – error-free and valid.

Product configurator speedmaxx - For real consistency in the entire business process!

If you as a company rely on process continuity – from the inquiry to design and production – you need the sophisticated ACATEC technology that accompanies you right through to the design department. With speedmaxx you not only generate quick sales data for customer-specific products, but also go one step further and link your sales with the design. As the only configurator on the market, we are now expanding the term CPQ with the letter E. The E stands for Engineer and stands for CAD automation.

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