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The Software for Configuring Complex Products

The speedmaxx CPQ software supports sales when preparing the offer. Thanks to automated work steps, the customer receives the desired offers much faster than before. In addition, they are error-free. There are also no queries to the technology, as a clear set of rules describes each product exactly.

What actually is CPQ software?

​The acronym stands for Configure Price Quote (CPQ).
This term describes a process chain in sales or in sales processes. In order to make the sale of varied and customer-specific products (or services) as easy as possible, a CPQ system is required that fulfills the following functions: Product Configuration ( Configure )Precalculation ( Price )Quotation creation ( Quota ) CPQ Software supports the users (eg sales staff, sales representatives or customers) within an offer process. This speeds up the process of preparing an offer enormously. The core functionality of a CPQ system is essentially the product configuration. A CPQ process stands or falls with it.

The be-all and end-all of CPQ - the product configuration

The product configuration should be created based on rules. The advantages are apparent: Creation of error-free and complex offers without product experts Accelerated order and ordering processes Automated order processing Guided selling for sales, dealers and customers Reduced training time for new sales employees Minimization of the loss of know-how due to the loss of a long-standing sales employee Cost reduction Centralized product knowledge by transferring product knowledge to software Optimized and accelerated sales processes through increased standardization and automation Reduction of product complexity

Easy handling

Regardless of whether it is a customer, trading partner or sales department – ​​everyone who works with the configurator should be able to find the products they want in the simplest possible way and customize them if possible. Thanks to the clearly defined set of rules, the user is guided to “allowed” products. This creates customer-specific, tailor-made variants that are plausible and wanted.

Easy integration

The CPQ system speedmaxx can generate all data for the entire business process of order processing – in the sense of “Engineering Automation”. In this way, speedmaxx can be easily integrated into your existing IT landscape. The configurator can, for example, act as a link between your existing systems.Your advantage: You avoid duplicate data records because the system accesses existing data, configures it and returns the data to the original system without system disruption. This also ensures consistency and maximum acceleration of your business processes.

CPQ In the age of industry 4.0

Over the years, however, many CPQ systems have not just been limited to pure product configuration, price calculation and preparation of offers – they have been further developed in many directions, such as speedmaxx. This CPQ system consistently expands the process chain described above right through to production. This is done, for example, by connecting the customer’s entire data processing landscape (ERP, PDM, CAD, etc.). The classic product configurator thus closes the gap between sales and production. An order including production data can be created from an offer without loss of resources. A clear gain in quality and time, especially with regard to Industry 4.0. We call that CPQE. The complete process chain from sales/end customer to production can thus be covered. n.

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