External rules

Use object dependencies from other data processing systems

Dependencies are often distributed in data processing systems and should usually be used further in configurator projects. We can “tap into” a wide variety of systems using a wide variety of methods. These include SAP, MS Excel, Mathcad, databases and existing calculation and design programs.

Example SAP LO VC

Rules from SAP LO VC can be transferred reliably. Either live from SAP or in batch from locally replicated data. Methodically, RFC-enabled BAPIs or our “SAP LO VC Parser” are used here.

Example Mind Map

A product and its attributes and dependencies are described at the beginning of a project with a mind map. You can send these mind maps to other stakeholders who will provide their input for voting. In this way you avoid mistakes, nothing is overlooked and you have everyone involved on board.The object dependencies in the mind map are then exported to an XML file. We read them in again and can use them to automatically map our internal configurator rules in the authoring system and then process them further.

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