CPQ Software speedmaxx For Marketing And Sales

Fast reaction to individual customer requirements

With CPQ software speedmaxx, you can speed up your ability to react to requests for customized product variants many times over.The product-specific know-how of your company is available at the touch of a button, regardless of the person involved. The same input information leads to identical variants and offer documents.

The Fields of Application of speedmaxx

Guiding users to individual, desired product variants during product configuration = Guided Selling. The dynamic 3D visualization of product variants at runtime. The calculation of prices, as well as the creation of documents and offers in different languages. The provision of all necessary sales data on servers and web portals or by mail. The transfer of product data to order processing.

Generated data

Data generated fully automatically are, for example, offers, data sheets, parts lists and documents.In addition to meaningful offers, the fast and reliable generation of further sales documents and sales data is very helpful when it comes to presenting the extraordinary competence of your company and getting the order faster. These are for example:Detailed product descriptions as PDFOffer drawings in CAD format or as PDFSimplified and “dumbed down”, native 3D CAD data for installation studiesNeutral 3D CAD data for installation studiesDiagrams as PDFAssembly instructions as PDFetc.Up to now, the sales department has been dependent on the technical support for these documents – and has sometimes had to wait. With speedmaxx, the sales department or even the customer is able to generate these documents themselves and automatically. Every day, around the clock – regardless of whether construction staff are available.

WÜRTH VIA speedmaxx

“The 3D planning and configuration tool “PlaTo3D” implemented with speedmaxx Enterprise allows our sales and trading partners to arrange individual ORSYmobil vehicle equipment three-dimensionally and interactively. As a result, we now have a much better representation than is possible in 2D. Our customers are delighted. In addition to 2D and 3D data, you can also get an offer at the push of a button. We have also highly automated and accelerated the order processing, including SAP and SolidWorks integration, with speedmaxx Enterprise. In this way, we have achieved a consistent and secure process chain from sales to production. ”Willi Weber, Head of Product Management ORSYmobil, Adolf Würth GmbH & CO. KG, Obersulm-Willsbach

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