Who is our product for? What does the configurator offer you?
Our solution is called speedmaxx. As you can already tell from the name: A central value proposition for your product configuration is the speed: The processes for managing variants can be accelerated by a factor of 5 to 20. Safe and stable. You can use the software along the entire value chain of your company: From order acquisition to including order processing:
  • Your  marketing  can simply advertise variants on the WEB, better than with a catalogue
  • Your  sales department  can sell variants faster – and place more offers
  • Your  design  can construct variants faster, both standard and special.
The consistency of the solution, the industry independence of the technology and the authoring system for self-maintenance of the software are unique. Thanks to speedmaxx, our customers work error-free. You can automatically offer and manufacture tailor-made products and their product variants – even for “batch size one”.