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Three Business Strategies to Maximize Efficiency and Innovation with PRO.FILE PLM

Efficient data flow is the backbone of successful collaboration. PRO.FILE from Revalize is a game-changing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, designed to accelerate product development, improve time-to-value, and instill process confidence.

Let’s explore three ways PRO.FILE PLM can help your organization thrive!

1. Accelerating Your Product Development

One of the biggest challenges in product development is the ability to iterate quickly and efficiently. “Data silos can be a significant hurdle to efficiency and innovation.”

What is a Data Silo?

A data silo is a barrier which fragments information across different departments or systems, hindering collaboration and efficiency in product development. These silos fragment information across departments, leading to miscommunication, redundancy, and ultimately, delays in the development process.
PRO.FILE PLM eliminates data silos and establishes a Digital Thread, serving as the Single Source of Truth for collaboration and data management. This streamlined approach allows teams to swiftly access and share product data, expediting decision-making and reducing time to market. Throughout the product lifecycle, PRO.FILE ensures maximum efficiency, from concept to production.


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!

2. Improving Time-to-Value

Traditional PLM implementation processes often result in prolonged cycles due to extensive customization requirements, but PRO.FILE PLM offers a highly configurable solution which eliminates the need for extensive customization.

Revalize Software Implementation Methodology

With an optimized process, you’ll get more value in less time with our Revalize Software Implementation Methodology. Our configuration and implementation strategy is a streamlined approach to PLM, emphasizing comprehensive training for users, system administrators, and key stakeholders at the outset of the project, ensuring a clear understanding of the intended functionality before diving into workshops.

Our project team provides you with comprehensive training and guided workshops. You will know and understand the application. Once we go live, you’re in control. You won’t be reliant on creative to make minor updates and changes to your requirements, your processes, and the configuration settings.

Say goodbye to reliance on external support and hello to autonomy. PRO.FILE PLM puts you in the driver’s seat.

Want to learn more about our configurable implementation process? Listen to our partner Cre8tive talk about the process!

3. Gaining Process Confidence


Traditional change management processes often involve cumbersome workflows and fragmented communication channels, leading to delays and errors in implementing changes. Siloed data and manual tracking make it challenging to ensure accountability and transparency throughout the process.


PRO.FILE PLM streamlines change management by providing a centralized platform for collaboration and data management. It eliminates data silos by linking change requests to projects, tasks, and documentation, ensuring efficient communication and transparent decision-making. With PRO.FILE, organizations can achieve greater process confidence by automating workflows, reducing errors, and accelerating change implementation.
By weaving a digital thread through connected systems, accountability skyrockets and errors plummet. With everyone on the same page, from engineering to marketing, product data flows cohesively, eliminating silos and fostering enterprise-wide collaboration.

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