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As Tommy Car Wash Systems grew, the volume of inquiries increased and their quotes became more complex and time consuming. Tommy Car Wash was looking to streamline its quote-to-order process with an easy to use tool that could integrate with NetSuite ERP.

As a result, Tommy Car Wash turned to Configure One Cloud for a CPQ solution. Together, the two systems would automate the entire quote-to-order process. Configure One Cloud’s integration with NetSuite, provided Tommy Car Wash with more than they originally expected. The old manual system based on spreadsheets became outdated.

Today, dealers are empowered to create their own quotes. Along with NetSuite, Configure One Cloud effortlessly produces professional quotations with all the necessary documents, drawings, and specifications. By automating most of the process, they have nearly eliminated configuration and order entry errors.

Tommy Car Wash Systems in Holland, Michigan manufactures car washing equipment. They are focused on providing customers with the best possible car wash, utilizing the highest quality equipment and detergents available coupled with exceptional customer service.


With a rapidly expanding business, the number of quotes Tommy Car Wash Systems was producing got to be overwhelming. The number of product options and the complexity of their quotes was also growing.

Their quotation process was manual and time-consuming. “It relied on a lot of ‘tribal knowledge’ supported by a series of spreadsheets,” said Ryan Essenburg, Operations Director. It became obvious that the old method of generating quotes was no longer appropriate.

“During the quote-to-order process, there were numerous inaccuracies or missing components. We were looking for a way to reduce the number of errors, increase our ability to upsell, and automatically produce a professional-looking quotation.


Tommy Car Wash Systems sells to independent car wash developers, “existing car wash operators, and car wash chains. They were looking for a web-based configurator that could be accessed by all of their distributors and customers.

“From the beginning, our goal was to integrate the product configurator into our web sites so that any customer or dealer can go online and configure a product and create a quote,” said Essenburg.

“We wanted to have a streamlined process with minimal manual intervention. A seamless integration between the configurator and NetSuite was essential,” said Essenburg.

Tommy Car Wash Systems signed a license agreement with Configure One Cloud in October 2008 and went live with it in early 2009.

“We were looking for a way to reduce the number of errors, increase our ability to upsell, and automatically produce a professional-looking quotation.”

– Ryan Essenburg,

Operations Director Tommy Car Wash Systems


Configure One Cloud provided support from a dedicated project manager throughout the implementation process and beyond. “He was very helpful throughout the implementation,” said Essenburg. “We dealt with one person that knew our company and products, instead of having to explain an issue over and over again to different people.”

Training and support from Configure One Cloud was critical. Essenburg attended a multi-day training session at Configure One Cloud’s offices. “I worked with a Configure One Cloud consultant to develop a prototype.”

The training was critical to the success of the implementation. “Since then, we have consistently been adding and maintaining the rules with new products and options.


While some companies implement a product configurator as a stand-alone system, many of Configure One Cloud’s customers integrate with back office systems, such as an ERP.

“Once a quote is created in Configure One Cloud, and approved,” said Essenburg, “the data is automatically passed to Netsuite to create a sales order.”

Built on 40 years of knowledge and expertise in the car wash industry, Tommy Car Wash Systems has assisted with the development of several hundred car washes around the world. They provide customers with all the components and expertise needed to build and operate a successful car wash—all bundled in a single package.


Configure One Cloud has reduced the amount of time spent working on dealers’ quotes by empowering its dealers with the ability to generate their own quotes.

“Configure One Cloud has proved to be a good tool for our distributors to develop a quote for their customers, and this means less work for us. Today’s quotes are more complex as we offer the customer many more options. As our business has grown in both volume and complexity, it would be impossible to do what we do today in a spreadsheet.”

“Configure One Cloud has proved to be a good tool for our distributors to develop a quote for their customers.”

– Ryan Essenburg,

Operations Director Tommy Car Wash Systems


As they became more experienced with Configure One Cloud, Tommy Car Wash soon learned many other capabilities in the product that were appropriate for their business.

“After using Configure One Cloud, we found there were many other benefits such as pulling all the documents together for that car wash project,” said Essenburg.

“Now we are utilizing a lot more features. We can enter specifications, such as water temperature and hardness, and the system selects the right water softening system or filtration, ensuring the customer gets the correct components.”

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