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World-Class CPQ Solutions

Accelerate your idea-to-cash timeframe with modern product configuration and dynamic pricing at your fingertips.

Why Revalize?

Our CPQ solution enables sales teams, partners, and customers of manufacturers to accurately and efficiently configure products based on their unique requirements. The combination of a sophisticated rules engine, user-friendly web-based administration, and a structured implementation approach allows us to streamline even the most intricate end-to-end manufacturing processes.

By automating complex configurations, bills-of-materials, and routings, our CPQ solution drastically reduces quote lead times, virtually eliminates costly errors, and empowers your business to realize a rapid return on investments.

What is CPQ?

Time is one of your most valuable resources, yet many manufacturers still waste time taking orders manually without the assistance of CPQ software.

Power your digital
transformation with CPQ

Manufacturing companies are continuing to grow their investment in digital transformation.

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Of organizations expect to increase their ROI in CPQ within 12 months.

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Of organizations said CPQ would reduce errors and increase productivity.

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Of organizations likely to spend on CPQ within 12 months, digital transformation is a priority.

Digital solutions for smarter CPQ

The most powerful configuration, pricing, and quoting solution.

Product configurator

A product configurator (or configuration software) assists you in selecting options for a product to meet the individual needs of your customers.

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Because each client is unique, flexibility is key at Revalize. We offer a variety of implementation options to match your strategy and budget.



Configuration software assists you in selecting product options for your customers. Save time with accurate, up-to-date catalogs, that drive growth through standardized configuration and quoting workflows. Streamline your business while improving customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Manage multiple methods for pricing, whether based on bill of materials, customer segments, or more. Expand your global enterprise with multi-currency BOM pricing, and seamlessly support quotes for products across multiple currencies.

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Provide comprehensive quotes for customers while eliminating order errors and reducing re-quoting requests. Use the quoting interface to view and edit bills of materials from quoting interface, manage customers, and generate dynamic quote documents.

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Our CPQ solutions

Streamline your business operations with the world’s most powerful CPQ solutions.

Our mission is to align each element of the manufacturing value chain to elevate expectations of what great outcomes look like. Connecting people, businesses, and technology through industry-leading solutions.


Streamline your work with our software solutions. Our integrations work seamlessly with other business systems, making you more efficient.


We Selected Configure One Cloud Based On Its Capabilities And Value.”

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