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The Benefits of B2B E-Commerce

To stay competitive, you have to be willing to evolve. While many businesses have embraced e-commerce, not everyone has fully realized the potential it offers — especially in the business-to- business (B2B) sales arena.

Strengthen collaboration and communication with PLM

Meeting the deadlines of the food and beverage industry requires effective communication and aligned teams. Here’s how PLM can help.

Streamlining Package Design With Product Lifecycle Management

Packaging is more than protection — it’s a preview of your product. Here’s how PLM can help make a memorable first impression.

Streamlining Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing with CPQ

Like most sectors of the manufacturing industry, material handling equipment makers are under growing constraints from the global labor shortage, supply chain disruption, and inflation on the price of parts and raw commodities. But manufacturers in this space have an additional challenge that all but defines their industry: complex customization and configuration for each of their products is becoming a necessity.

Still typing up parts lists in 2023? Why an ERP interface is essential

Storing data separately and transmitting information manually – that is unfortunately still common practice in many companies and a frequent source of errors and mistakes. One thing is clear: ERP, CAD, and PLM fulfill different tasks and each system has its rightful place in the company. An automated sync between these systems is extremely important to avoid mistakes and working efficiently.

Still typing up parts lists in 2023? Which is why it doesn’t work without an ERP connection.

Separate data storage and manual transfer of information – this is unfortunately still common practice in many companies and is therefore a frequent source of errors and errors. One thing is clear: ERP, CAD and PLM fulfill different tasks and each system has its place in the company. However, automated comparison between these systems is extremely important in order to avoid errors and enable efficient work.

Speed Up Your Quoting Process

Tired of slow quote processes involving spreadsheets and legacy database software? That’s where CPQ comes in.

Simplifying Complex BOMs for Electrical Equipment Manufacturers with CPQ

As technology advances and companies try their best to outperform one another, products become more and more complex — and so do their bill of materials (BOMs). BOMs for electrical equipment are among the most intricate in the manufacturing industry, often involving complex multilevel structures.

SCPQ vs CPQ: What Do Manufacturers Really Need?

CPQ has completely transformed the sales process. Is SCPQ really better?

Salesforce and Revalize

Salesforce and Revalize are two of the best sales platforms in the industry. What happens when you use them together?

Revitalize Your Production Process with Modern PLM Solutions

Manufacturing quality products takes time, effort, and the right tools. But without proper management, your operation could be wasting its efforts. Producing products without a strategy leads to costly errors and upset customers. Product lifecycle management (PLM) is your solution for fighting these inefficiencies and getting more out of your production process.

Reducing Tedious Data Management Through ERP Tools

Give your operations and IT teams the tool they deserve. Discover the CPQ benefits for operations and IT here.