As a 6th-generation family-owned company operating for 144 years, Hartzell Air Movement has a strong heritage, but they also recognize that they must continuously evolve to be around for another 144 years. When they set out to replace their aging CPQ application, cost, efficiency, and revenue were the main priorities. They selected Configure One based on the provider’s experience in the manufacturing industry. After implementing Configure One, they’ve been able to maximize efficiency throughout their organization by getting the most out of their internal and external sales channels. The speed at which they are able to handle customer quotes has led to happier customers and increased revenue.


Hartzell Air Movement is a manufacturer of industrial ventilation and heating equipment. They serve a variety of industries, including heavy industry, marine, food processing, and energy production.


Having a company history that dates back more than a century means not only keeping their products at the forefront of their industry, but also by making sure that their internal systems keep pace with the needs of their staff, so they can best serve customers.

Hartzell manufactures industrial fans for professional engineers and companies focused on the air movement of their projects and facilities. Their CPQ journey started back in 2002 with a desktop application and moved to an online CPQ platform in 2006. More recently, the team at Hartzell was struggling with their outdated CPQ technology and maintenance was causing headaches.

To address this challenge, they put together a cross-functional team to evaluate all of the company’s options. Originally, the team thought their best course would be a custom build software system. When they started considering something off-the-shelf, they turned to Configure One. The CPQ offering from Configure One stood out because they were able to handle Hartzell’s custom business logic so gracefully from within their platform.

“Configure One had the horsepower, aptitude, and knowledge to understand our business and create a solution for us,” said David Long, VP, Sales and Technology, Hartzell Air Movement. “Their technical and engineering staff was able to quickly understand our air flow selection logic and present the right solution to our business.”

“Configure One had the horsepower, aptitude, and knowledge to understand our business.”

– David Long

VP, Sales and Technology Hartzell Air Movement

“[Sales reps] can create a quote at any time on any day without needing to check with our”

– David Long

VP, Sales and Technology Hartzell Air Movement


There are two important pieces to Hartzell’s online business process: the selection process and the online configuration. Configure One was able to accommodate Hartzell’s selection criteria and build this logic so it works flawlessly with the configuration module.

After getting set up with Configure One, Hartzell’s sales reps can enter air flow performance criteria in the selector and then move quickly to configuration. Now, Hartzell has a fully featured online selection and configurator tool called Hartzell FLOW — all powered by Configure One. Internally, Configure One is known as Hartzell FLOW (Fan Logic On the Web), and all orders and proposals go through the system. “For us, everything begins and ends with FLOW,” said Long. “We sell through independent sales reps and defined territories. Being the easiest, fastest manufacturer for our sales reps is important so that they can create a quote at any time on any day without needing to check with our factories.”

Before implementing Configure One, 70% of Hartzell’s quotes were entered by the factory, and 30% were entered by sales reps. Today, they’ve been able to shift that ratio so that only 40% of quote are performed by factory, and 60% are completed by sales reps. Hartzell is looking to continue this trend, with a goal of reducing the percentage of quotes produced by the factory to just 20%. Configure One has helped make things easier on Hartzell’s sales reps and enabled them to continue delighting their customers for many years to come.

Configure One is a leading provider of web-based product configurator and CPQ (configure price quote) software. Configure One has enabled both large and small companies to increase revenues and decrease costs by automating the way they sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option, and customizable products.