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How CAD software can help to save money

Designers being able to express their creativity at their desks undisturbed by external influences? That may be how it was once. But today, design departments in manufacturing companies are exposed to enormous cost and time pressure. They must be able to incorporate requests or requirements from customers into their models at short notice and promptly prepare new drafts for both the workshop and customers in visually appealing presentation formats. And always while keeping an eye on short time-to-market.

Minimizing manual steps

Having the right working tools is therefore essential. Do assemblies have to be laboriously put together manually in the program Do components always need to be redesigned instead of storing templates in libraries? All this costs time and money. Modern CAD software offers wide-ranging automation functions to replace previously manual steps. Not only does this increase efficiency throughout the entire product development process, but it also unlocks unprecedented cost-saving potential.

Lean production with automated CAD processes

Lean production is the end goal of extensively automating recurring processes. Modern 3D software contains generators for this purpose, which eliminate the need for users to redesign each part, redraw each design, and create the relevant model. Instead, the designer first prepares a parameterized sketch, on which the 3D model is based. Any corrections can be made directly in the drawing and are not just visible for the first time on the finished model or working model.

Designers can use the rendering functions included to prepare models instantaneously in a visually appealing presentation format. High-performance CAD interfaces offered by the design software ensure that data from other CAD systems or other applications can be easily imported or exported.


Ready to revolutionize your designs and drive efficiency? Don’t get left in the past with manual drafting. Click now for the ultimate CAD guide!


Ready to revolutionize your designs and drive efficiency? Don’t get left in the past with manual drafting. Click now for the ultimate CAD guide!

Cost benefits thanks to “software purchase” price model

Time savings are one side of the coin, but money also plays an important role. That’s because using expensive CAD programs at multiple workstations in the design department is extremely costly. This poses a financial challenge for smaller companies, in particular, which not everyone can – or wants to overcome. Most major CAD providers today use subscription models, which attract high rental charges year after year.

The traditional purchase model represents an alternative in this respect, and this is precisely what TENADO offers. This is how it works: the company purchases licenses in the traditional way, installs them on-premises, and can use them without restrictions from the moment of installation with regular updates and support included with the Premium Care model. Over time, this license model allows user companies to operate at a significantly lower cost than if using the subscription approach.

What to look out for when choosing CAD software

The market is tight, and a host of powerful products are available, which are largely similar when it comes to their basic functionality. The difference, therefore, lies in the detail. Those receptive to change should take a precise look at what manufacturers are offering in terms of functions over and above the “bare” 3D CAD.

For example, is there a focus on FEM analyses (finite element method)? Do you want to view assemblies using VR glasses in order to analyze drawings down to the smallest detail? Contemporary CAD solutions offer flexible, individual, and intelligently networked add-ons for these and numerous other applications. They ensure that designers can work even better with the 3D CAD program.

An important cost consideration is whether such add-on functions are included or whether they need to be purchased additionally at a high cost. It is essential to be aware of this when choosing a product. When choosing a new CAD system that fulfills all individual requirements, it is therefore recommended to check early on which functionalities the manufacturer offers and under which conditions.


To reach production maturity quickly you need 3D CAD software that combines clever design methods and simple ways of working with complex functions. The higher the level of automation of as many recurring processes as possible, the greater the efficiency and therefore the savings potential. This clears the way to achieving the target of lean production.

Do you also want to take the first step toward lean production? Then test TENADO CAD 3D software today – free of charge and without obligation.

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