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How Medical Planning Software Can Improve Patient Care

Medical equipment planning has evolved beyond just procurement and budgeting. Now it’s an integral part of maximizing clinician efficiency and driving higher profits. Many healthcare organizations are even looking to medical equipment planning to improve patient care and outcomes.

As the digital transformation sweeps through the industry and digitizes operations, biomedical equipment connected to the internet of things (IoT) is revolutionizing daily patient management and expanding the types of services providers can offer.

It’s imperative for medical equipment planners to implement the latest technologies in their facilities while maintaining a patient-centric mindset. Medical equipment planning software can provide organizations with all the tools they need to strike this delicate balance.

The Growing Role of Medical Equipment In Patient Outcomes

The quality of provider-patient relationships often defines the quality of healthcare, but these interactions are shaped by everything from room layout to available equipment. Here’s how improving medical equipment planning leads to better patient outcomes:

Enables Effective, Data-Driven Healthcare

Almost any medical equipment can be connected to the internet to capture biometric data and other information, but many organizations are hesitant to fully embrace their capabilities.

Medical equipment planning software can help you manage the technical data for these devices within the planning process so it’s easier to support connected devices at a future date.

Improve Screening And Diagnostics Capabilities

Purchasing medical equipment should only happen after a careful needs assessment that involves feedback from physicians, nurses, IT experts, and other stakeholders — especially in terms of sensitive diagnostic and screening equipment.

However, advancements in imaging technology, artificial intelligence, and the proliferation of wearables are dramatically shifting what types of illnesses are possible to detect. New technology can meet needs stakeholders didn’t know were possible. Medical equipment planning software allows you to continuously update equipment standards and communicate them with stakeholders. When all leaders and decision makers are equally abreast of new product developments, they can work together to prioritize investments that help save more patient lives.

Optimize Patient Flow

Medical equipment planning can’t take place in a vacuum. Every purchase needs to serve a purpose, as well as have a place in the facility. Working with clinicians and other stakeholders to carefully map out each room will ensure that space is properly utilized, and each room fits all of the necessary equipment. Even better, take a broad view of the entire facility design to streamline patient flow and organize all equipment accordingly.

When patients go to a doctor’s office or healthcare facility, they’re usually experiencing some level of anxiety. Clutter and poorly designed room layouts only add to the stress. Medical equipment planning software helps you go more in-depth withdesign, so you can plan facilities that calm patients’ nerves and foster more comfort for each visit.

Improve Continuity of Care

Every piece of equipment has a set life expectancy, a recommended schedule for repairs, and a timeframe for replacing worn out parts. Without tracking these from the onset of the equipment planning phase, you run the risk of equipment breaking or needing repairs without any backups, disrupting continuity of care. Medical equipment planning software can help you begin scheduling replacements and maintenance before even purchasing the equipment.

Plan Better Patient Care With Revalize

Revalize is an industry-leading platform that transforms how healthcare providers select and procure equipment, merging the most comprehensive product data with collaboration tools for powerful decision making.

The platform features an integrated catalog with tens of thousands of products, which can be filtered or compared by more than 65 data points. The comprehensive data set for each product even allows you to calculate the total cost of ownership in real time before making a purchase.
Want to learn more about how the right medical equipment planning strategy can improve patient outcomes? Learn more in our new ebook, or scheduling a demo of Revalize to see for yourself.

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