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Case Study
PennState Health


SIZE: Multi-hospital system with 3,000 + physicians

Penn State Health Achieves Efficiency and Accuracy in Equipment Planning with Attainia’s Customizable Reports and Collaborative Platform


The Penn State Health equipment planning division is a two-person, in-house team that plans projects including both non-acute and acute care areas for new construction and renovation projects. Recent projects include several new community clinic spaces, two new multi-specialty clinics including their backfills, and a large inpatient renovation that leveraged the help of external equipment planning consultants.

“With Attainia’s customizable reports, we can produce the exact documents we need during each stage of the design, construction and procurement process”

– Melissa Mercado

Equipment Planner


Penn State Health leverages Attainia’s medical equipment planning platform to streamline their planning process. With reusable room templates, the industryleading medical equipment catalog and a collaborative interface, the platform helps plan medical equipment up to 75% faster than with spreadsheets.For projects managed by an external equipment planning f irm, the Penn State Health equipment planning team uses guest access to view their real-time project data. This ensures an eff icient and streamlined planning process and instant access to project details − even when working with external planners.


Melissa Mercado, equipment planner at Penn State Health, outlines a few of the key benefits Attainia brings to the organization.

  • Streamlining the equipment planning process. “Attainia has helped us formalize and drive our planning process,” Mercado says. “Our stakeholders have come to expect that the process will include an equipment list, a schematic design document with technical equipment needs, and several equipment reviews and budget estimates throughout the stages of design. Attainia powers all of this. With Attainia’s customizable reports, we can produce the exact documents we need for each audience for each step of the way to help drive the planning process.”
  • Better budgeting. “All of our equipment quotes are recorded in Attainia,” Mercado says, “so we can use that historical repository to create better initial budgets and adjust budgets during the project. For instance, if construction is going over budget, we can tell the team exactly how much we need to spend on equipment – and then the team can decide whether to start spending against the contingency budget.”
  • Managing change requests. “With the technical documentation we can provide via Attainia reports, it’s easier to show the full impact of a change,” Mercado says. “If a clinician requests to change the acuity of a procedure room, we can quickly show them the financial impacts to the equipment budget, and also walk them through any additional support spaces needed. Attainia really helps us drive these conversations and show the downstream effects and costs.”

“We’ve just finished construction documents for a 38,000-square-foot pediatric clinic,” Mercado says. “We worked closely with the architects and the construction team to make sure it was planned perfectly and to meet an aggressive timeline. We used Attainia’s tools to support us through the entire Equipment planning process.”

Build better budget by leveraging historical data to improve accuracy

Streamline communication with internal stakeholders and external planners

Present the right data to the right audience with customizable reports

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