More flexible, more individual and intelligently networked - our TENADO ADD ONs ensure that you can simply work even better with your TENADO software than before.


The perfect addition to your software.

The structural analysis software for TENADO METALL 3D

The perfect addition to TENADO METALL 3D: TENADO STATIK helps you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your model quickly and easily. With the ADD ON you create precise measurements based on a finite element analysis. You determine stresses and deformations and can display deformation images and extreme values ​​in understandable graphics.

The analysis software for TENADO CAD 3D

TENADO FEA is the perfect complement to TENADO CAD 3D. Determine the dimensions of your components professionally and quickly. You test in holistic analyzes which realistic influences your material can withstand and can display all data and the appropriate graphics in a clear evaluation.

The CAD data import for TENADO CAD 3D

Open original data from CATIA, Creo and I-DEAS in TENADO CAD 3D. With TENADO IMPORT+, you do not need a license for the import data software for native data import.

The ADD ON for Virtual Reality

Put yourself directly in front of your construction – with the ADD ON TENADO VR for TENADO METALL 3D and TENADO CAD 3D this is now possible! 

The parts catalog for TENADO CAD software

TENADO PARTS is the ultimate object catalog for your TENADO software. Thousands of standard and purchased parts from over 800 manufacturer-certified product catalogs are immediately available with just a few clicks. Numerous components for 2D or 3D constructions can be searched for and imported directly.

The stair construction software for the metal trade

TENADO STAIRS are specially designed to meet the needs of the metal trade. With the software you can construct stringer and stringer stairs without much effort. You always work material-oriented, as you know it from TENADO.