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Training and Adoption of CPQ Software

As digital transformation continues to upgrade every aspect of manufacturing, implementing CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software is a pivotal step in streamlining sales processes, not to mention overall business operations. Automating processes reduces human error, speeds up the sales cycle, and enables sales teams to respond more quickly to customer inquiries. This enhances customer satisfaction, boosts sales productivity, and contributes to higher revenue.

While CPQ software can completely transform a business, companies can’t reap the benefits unless workers adopt the technology effectively. That’s where proper training and implementation strategy comes in.

7 Ways to Improve CPQ Software Adoption

Successful CPQ software implementation comes down to how effectively employees use the tools available to them. Improving adoption is about highlighting CPQ’s value to the team, incorporating it into day-to-day operations, and making it as easy as possible to use. Here are seven strategies to accomplish this:

1. Tailor CPQ Software Training to Each Department’s Needs

CPQ software serves unique purposes for each department and user. Recognizing and understanding their specific needs is crucial. Tailoring training to address these requirements helps employees feel more confident and competent in utilizing the software, leading to higher adoption rates. Hands-on training is also more effective than theoretical instruction and allows employees to learn by doing, which reinforces learning and makes it easier for staff to apply their new skills in real-world scenarios.

2. Develop Customized Training Paths

This strategy involves creating CPQ software training programs tailored to the users’ varying skill levels and roles. It’s effective because sales might need extensive training on quote creation and customer interaction features, while a manager may require a deeper understanding of reporting and analytics capabilities. Relevant, role-specific knowledge makes the learning process more engaging and effective.

3. Train With Real-Life Use Cases

This method bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, making it easier for employees to understand the benefits and functionalities in their daily lives. This granular training improves overall efficiency and productivity when employees adopt the software.

4. Implement Continuous Learning Programs

Continuous learning ensures that employees stay updated with the latest features and best practices of the CPQ system, adapting to changes and advancements over time. This approach prevents the knowledge from becoming outdated and keeps the workforce agile and competent in using the software. It also creates an opportunity for stakeholders to create a growing library of training and CPQ software knowledge that can get new hires up to speed and help employees learn at their own convenience.

5. Make Training Engaging

Incorporating interactive elements into the training sessions, like hands-on exercises, simulations, and real-time feedback, turns learners into active participants in their training rather than passive students, boosting engagement and improving retention. Adding game elements like points, badges, and leaderboards makes the learning process fun and competitive, which can significantly increase interest and motivation.

6. Incorporate Cross-Functional Collaboration

CPQ software is primarily a sales tool but offers many benefits to departments across manufacturing organizations. Encouraging wide adoption of CPQ in your company will establish it as the primary tool for interdepartmental collaboration, reinforcing other uses within departments and users’ daily activities.

7. Collect User Feedback

Understanding employee perspectives on CPQ software allows leaders to make targeted improvements to the system and ensure it aligns with the actual requirements and preferences of its users. Involving users in the feedback process fosters a sense of ownership and inclusion, making them more invested in the system’s success.

CPQ Software Adoption Made Easy With Configure One Cloud from Revalize

The best strategy to improve CPQ software adoption is to choose a solution that meets employee needs and is easy and intuitive.

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