PRO.FILE is the enterprise-wide digital solution that manages product-centric data and documents while automating product-centric processes

PRO.FILE focuses on 5 distinct use cases that are fully integrated with one another, providing end users with the ability to start small and grow as required

CAD Data Management

A fully integrated, bi-directional solution for MCAD and ECAD data management

BOM Management and ERP Integration

Automated BOM transfer to ERP, bi-directionally share part master data and documents with ERP plus end to end revision management and traceability

Product-Centric Document Management

An enterprise-wide solution for managing product- centric data and documents

Product-Centric Process Automation

Digitize and automate key process such as engineering ehange Management across your enterprise

Part Master Management

Fast search access to part data, automatic part number generation, reduce duplicate parts

Modern PLM Technology Architecture

Flexible options: cloud, on-premise or hybrid

FlexApp mobile application - access your product data anytime, anywhere

Real-time collaboration

API-accessible platform for integration with third party applications

Powerful reporting tools for tracking key business metrics - such as time to market, average change duration or impact analysis

Structured linking of product data and documents ensures traceability and audit protection for your company

configuration not customizaton

EASY.CON approach – open configuration by the customer

Generate your own application-specific objects and status networks

Create and manage your own process workflows with automated task assignment (ECO, NPI, or any business process in your company)