Guided Selling

Guided selling software gives your customers exactly what they want at the right price. Goodbye second guessing. Hello optimized sales performance that increases accuracy, effectiveness, speed — and even deal size.

Faster Quote-to-Cash. Enhanced Efficiencies.

With less guesswork, you can speed up the quote-to-cash timeline and empower your sales channel to focus on selling. Automated workflow approval requests eliminate bottlenecks to fully optimize performance.

Increased Accuracy.
Increased Loyalty.

A robust rules engine ensures consistent and accurate pricing and configurations that helps strengthen brand and product loyalty. All of this grows the foundation for a seamless customer experience.

Revenue Realized

Guided selling software’s margin-based discounting thresholds deliver accurate pricing at the highest possible margin.

See What Next-level Guided Selling Looks Like

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A Full Suite of Software Solutions

We have a full suite of software that includes CPQ, design, modeling, simulation, data analytics, and so much more. You’ll find the specialized solution you need to grow and thrive.

A Full Suite of Software Solutions


CPQ covers your entire sales-to-production process. Configure products, calculate pricing, send quotes to customers, secure an order, and generate engineering documents.


Engineering Simulation

From lighting photometrics to fluid dynamics, our engineering simulation tools help engineers and designers efficiently develop solutions for products and applications.

Engineering Simulation