TENADO CAD is the all-round talent for machine builders, architects, engineers and everyone else who works with technical drawings or 3D models. Watch our video now to see how you can optimally use the powerful functions of TENADO CAD. As always explained step by step and easy to understand!

How to draw professionally!

You have exactly the functions you need for your drawing work. TENADO CAD 2D can be used in a variety of ways, is easy to learn and is therefore your ideal partner for all sectors in which drawing is carried out – whether in architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical installation or many other departments.

One dimension further

Get started right away. From automatic parametrics to interfaces and bills of materials to drawing derivations: The all-round talent TENADO CAD 3D is complete. All important functions are already included. This is how you achieve professional results quickly. You effectively save material, time and money – and at an absolutely fair price.