The CAD software for woodworking.

You can easily install TENADO HOLZ yourself. You can get started right away. Thanks to the intuitive operation, you can draw furniture, kitchens and everything you want to manufacture in your carpentry workshop without any previous CAD knowledge.

Watch our video to see how easy it is to draw professionally with TENADO HOLZ!

The carcass generator

Completely flexible: the carcass generator in TENADO HOLZ does the drawing for you.

You determine how the body should look, down to the smallest detail. Dimensions, material, connection variants, with or without base and even the back panel. You are also free to choose the connection variants.

Watch the video to see step by step how to create your desired body with the new body generator.

Material-oriented drawing

In TENADO HOLZ you construct with the materials that are also used in your workshop. You work with real materials, profiles and panels - with the respective properties that your material in the warehouse also has.

Gigantic selection of libraries

The extensive library comes standard with thousands of materials to choose from. In addition, you can also collect your own elements in the library.

Clever construction aid for carpenters

The intelligent design aid IntelliSnap knows what you want. The help analyzes your CAD drawing at lightning speed and guesses what you are planning. Whichever point you head for, TENADO HOLZ knows it and shows you all the options.

Automatic evaluation

A bill of materials that creates itself

Simply shorten your next order process: The automatic evaluation in TENADO HOLZ takes a lot of work off your hands. While you are making your drawing, the program creates the material list along the way. At the end you will receive the finished bills of materials and sawing lists, which contain all the materials needed for production in the workshop.